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What is QuickBooks Online Export?

Exporting data into QuickBooks Online using Printavo is fast and simple!

We integrate with QuickBooks Online to export your customers, invoices, and payments from Printavo to QuickBooks.

To connect your QuickBooks Online account with Printavo in preparation for exports, head to My Account > QuickBooks Online Export to connect your account.  You will need a paying Standard or higher subscription.

Any changes you make to invoices, customers, or payments in Printavo, will be created and updated in QuickBooks Online every 2 hours.  You can always fully export your account in My AccountQuickBooks Export.  If you have any issues with invoices not exporting, you will want to fully connect your account first in My Account.  Note that, if changes are made to an invoice in QuickBooks, and the invoice is updated in Printavo, it will overwrite the changes in QuickBooks.  

What fields export from Printavo to QuickBooks Online?

Here is an outline as to what fields we export to QuickBooks Online and how that works. 


Printavo QuickBooks Online
First Name Given Name
Last Name Family Name
Company Company
Company or Full Name Display Name
Email Email
Phone Phone
Fax Fax
Billing Address Billing Address
Shipping Address Shipping Address
Notes Notes
Tax Exempt Taxable
Resale Number Resale Number

Note: Contacts will be Sub customers in Quickbooks Online


Printavo QuickBooks Online
Invoice Number Invoice Number
Customer Due Date, Invoice Date, Production Due Date or Created Date (Can choose in settings) Invoice Date
Customer Due Date Due Date
Customer Email Address Billing Email
PO Number Customer Memo
Line Item Sizing/Styles/Descriptions/Columns Description Field
Line Item Category Product/Service (untaxable)
Order Fees Normal Line Items
Notes Customer Memo (Message displayed on invoice)

Note: Billing/Shipping address in QuickBooks Online will pull from the associated customer in QuickBooks Online.


Printavo QuickBooks Online
Amount Total
Description Description
Transaction Date Transaction Date
Category Payment Method
Processing Fees* Payments Processing Fee

Note: If there is no category selected, then it will be exported to "General N/A"  

*Processing Fees Export Breakdown:

Please see the below for an explanation of how they will be exported/map in QBO:

Payee - This is the vendor account we create called "Payments - Printavo" and represents who you are paying an expense to.

Payment account - We're setting this to the "Payments to deposit" account, which shops can access in your Chart of Accounts. This field is where payments are deposited that haven't been reconciled against a deposit yet. You may have your unique preferences for what account we set this field to (e.g. one shop may prefer expenses be paid from their Cash account) but we can't account for everyone's preferences so you can adjust this account on each expense if you have a specific preference.

Payment date - Date of deposit.

Category - We are creating a new category/account called "Payments - Printavo", which customers will be able to find in their "Chart of Accounts"

Description - Payment Processing Fee.

Amount - Sum of fees within a deposit.

How is sales tax handled in Printavo's QuickBooks Online Export?

US Customers - Sales tax rates in Printavo are created as rates in QuickBooks Online, ex: "7% - Printavo"

Canada - Sales tax rates in Printavo are created as rates in QuickBooks Online, ex: "13% - Printavo"

UK - 20% sales tax in Printavo use "20.0% S" in QuickBooks Online while 0% sales tax uses "0.0% Z" in QuickBooks Online.




Can you merge customers in QuickBooks Online after Printavo creates them?

Merging or deleting any customers, invoices, or payments Printavo creates in your QuickBooks account will cause future exporting issues. Printavo stores references to the data we export to QuickBooks Online so changing the data in QuickBooks Online will destroy the references and prevent successful exports.

In short, do not merge or delete customers, invoices, or payments in QuickBooks Online if they have been imported by Printavo. It is better to make the necessary change in Printavo and allow that change to export into your QuickBooks Online account.


What should I do if I connect a new QuickBooks Online account?

If you've had an existing QuickBooks Online account connected to your Printavo account, and want to connect a new one, please follow the below instructions. Printavo stores reference information to the old QuickBooks Online account which Customer Care will need to delete before connecting your new QuickBooks Online account.

  1. Disconnect your QuickBooks Online account from Printavo in My Account > QuickBooks Online Export > Settings
  2. Email Printavo Customer Care to reset your "QuickBooks references" or click here to create the email
  3. You can now connect Printavo to your new QuickBooks Online account

Why did an invoice export to the wrong customer in QuickBooks Online?

Our export will create/update customers from Printavo to QuickBooks Online. If the customers are then merged/deleted in QuickBooks Online, this can cause invoices to export to the wrong customer.

How do payments export to QuickBooks Online?

Once an invoice exports out of Printavo, the associated payments can go into QuickBooks Online. Payments will be attached to the same customer/invoice that's in Printavo, but in QuickBooks Online too. 

Once a payment exports to QuickBooks Online, it will go under Undeposited Funds. This allows you to match your bank deposits with the actual payments, for reconciliation purposes. e.g. most credit card processors will deposit the funds in your bank 2-3 days after the actual payment, so your bookkeeper can then leave the undeposited payments in undeposited funds until they actually get deposited, and then move them over to the bank account in QuickBooks Online.

This article on Intuit's QuickBooks Support Center regarding the Undeposited Funds account helps give guidance to your bookkeeper on working with undeposited funds.


Invoice can't export to QuickBooks because books are closed?

At times, you may experience a situation when invoices can't export to QuickBooks, because your books are closed in QuickBooks. The closing date is dependent on what you set in Printavo's QuickBooks Export > Settings.



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  • I tried to ask for a payment that was $0.01 and Printavo gave me an error message that the amount was too small. This makes sense, yet I was trying a test and wanted to see if this invoice would sync to QB.

    Are there any times when an invoice (other than the status not being checkmarked to sync) that the invoice would not be sync'd to QB? Will it sync before we ask for payment?

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  • Hi Gloria,

    A Job will be put in the queue to sync if it is in a status that syncs. That is independent of a payment request. I suggest to include any statuses where money is usually exchanged or any type of work has been performed to ensure that job is synced to your QuickBooks online.

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