Printavo's Training and Implementation Program

Printavo Implementation & Training

The Printavo Process
Making the transition easier 

Printavo is a cloud-based shop management platform that accelerates business growth by keeping your shop organized, streamlined, and centralized. 

We are excited to help transition your shop to Printavo. Based in Chicago, and founded by a screen printer, Printavo has already helped thousands of shops around the world get organized and grow. 

Our Training & Implementation program is made of four parts. Each part dives into your business to create a solution for your unique workflow. Then we work to train your team to use Printavo to the fullest. 

1. Discovery & Workflow Analysis

Discovery & Workflow Analysis is how we learn more about your shop. We will work to develop any integrations, prepare your customer list, set up payment processing, and put price matrices into Printavo.

During a video screen-share, we will work to fully understand your workflow. From quotes, to approvals, to shipping, we will dive into every step and create a comprehensive workflow diagram for your full team to use. Depending on the size of your team and business, this may  take approximately two one-hour calls (or less).

Our team then uses this workflow diagram to: 

  • Implement your workflow in Printavo
  • Import customers
  • Implement automation
  • Setup templates
  • Import pricing matrices

2. Administrator Training & Guidance

We will review your new Printavo account with your administrative users. It’s crucial that you and your team understand how to control Printavo’s settings and make changes on the fly. Your new workflow will evolve as your business grows. Making improvements is mission-critical. 

If you utilize Printavo Merch, our online-stores platform, we’ll spend time showing you how it works. Online stores are a new frontier for boosting sales in shops today. 

Most importantly, we begin creating real customers and orders. Your managers will enter jobs while we watch and guide them through Printavo. This builds positive, repeatable habits for your team’s transition.  Pending the size of your team and business, this should take approximately two to four one-hour calls (or less).

3. Departmental Education

Time to get into the details! 

We schedule individual calls with each department. Each call is a  video screen-share to make sure everyone can perform their new duties. 

We’ll show your team the best practices when using Printavo so they’re more efficient. Adding automations and using Zapier helps save extra time. Repetition creates positive habits so your team can run at full speed.

We will also recommend computer equipment, tablets, accessories, and more to keep your team on the same page. 

4. Graduation & Continued Success 

When all departments are trained on your custom process, you are given a document that outlines your process and acts as a “cheat sheet” to your Printavo account. 

This will include video links and step-by-step instructions for many of the core processes that have been implemented for your business. 

You work with your trainer for a 30 to 60 day window, allowing you to continue to make changes and have additional implementation and training calls. 

Finally, your long-term Printavo success manager provides day-to-day help for more challenging process and implementation questions.


Questions? We’re always here to help.


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