Use store information settings to manage branding, sales tax, and countdown timers

The default Printavo Merch store created from an invoice is 100% functional, but may not meet the visual standards that you or your client want to present.

The "Store Information" section of a Printavo Merch store settings allows you to take the first steps toward customizing the look of a store for your customer (and your customer's customer!).

In this section, we will cover:

Store Information

Here is where you'll first start beautifying and customizing the Printavo Merch store.

We'll look at how a few simple data entry points can take you from here:


To here:


Let's cover a list of the options and functions presented under "Store Information" and follow that up with a corresponding screenshot for context.

  • Store Name - Here you can edit the name of the store. This name displays internally for your records and at the bottom of the store next to your contact information.
  • URL - This is where you can change the text that closes out the store's URL. Remember, if you do ever edit this field always make sure your customer has the most up-to-date URL, or else their customers may be directed to a dead website.
  • Logo - This is the image that will appear in the top-left of a Printavo Merch store. This defaults to your shop's logo, though you may want to add an image more specific to your customer and/or the purpose of their store. Ideal size is 400px by 150px (jpg, gif, png). Check out our graphics bundle for a PSD file to help you get going!
  • Headline - This is the larger text at the top of your store that immediately tells your customers the function of the store.
  • Banner - The banner is the image that appears underneath the headline. In our example, we used the same image as the log, but we've seen shops get super creative here! The banner is really one of the best ways to catch a customer's eye. Ideal size is 1200px by 630px (jpg, gif, png) and there is a sample PSD file in our graphics bundle to help you get started. =)
  • Description - The description has a few functions. First, it helps you sell your store to the purchasing customer. Why does this store exist? Who/What is it benefitting? The description can also be used to manage expectations and explain your processes. For example, you can hammer home order deadlines before the store close date (if you're not using the Store Close Date and Time) and set the timeframe for processing and shipping. Heck, you can even tell a joke! The description also accepts HTML if you'd like to spice that up a bit. Feel free to check out this quick guide to HTML formatting or reach out to your success manager for help.
  • Enable Fulfillment Emails - When you've completed production on a Printavo Merch order, you'll want to mark it as "fulfilled" so you can keep track of what jobs have and haven't been completed. If this toggle is set to "ON" (the default), every time you mark an order as fulfilled, a system-generated email will send to the customer letting them know the order has been fulfilled. By contrast, if this toggle is set to "OFF" then you will control if and when a communication is sent to your customers, what that communication is, and how it is sent.
  • Password? - Occasionally, you'll want to limit who has access to one of your online stores (e.g., the store is meant for employees only, or parents of a specific classroom). Toggling on and setting a password for this store ensures that only those with the store's password will gain access for purchase. 



Printavo graphics bundle

This graphics bundle includes a group of Photoshop PSD files to help you get started on the correct product, banner, and logo sizing. 

Download graphics bundle

Recommended sizing for each graphic is:

  • Product: 1000px by 1000px
  • Banner: 1200px by 630px
  • Logo: 400px by 150px

Sales Tax

Printavo Merch allows you to automatically calculate sales tax on each placed order. This is calculated by Printavo, behind-the-scenes using a service called TaxJar. If an item is shipped out of state and there is no economic nexus, 0% sales tax is used.

If you would prefer to manually use a flat rate sales tax, this option is available as well.

When using the automatic option, pickup orders are charged sales tax based on the shop location.

Both sales tax settings can be set when viewing a Merch store and clicking "Settings" at the top center.


Store Close Date and Time

Some Printavo Merch stores stay open indefinitely. Some shops need to close at a specific date and time.

The following is a list of functions that can assist you when a store has a closing deadline:

  • Store Close Date - The date you would like your store to close.
  • Store Close Time - The time you would like your store to close on the store close date.
  • Time Zone - Set the time zone for the store to help ensure that customers aren't caught off guard and miss their opportunity to make a purchase.
  • Display Countdown Timer? - Countdown timers create a sense of urgency. Data shows that stores with countdown timers sell considerably more than stores without countdown timers. Toggle this on to display a timer counting down to your set store close date and time respective to the time zone. Again, we definitely recommend doing this to help drive sales.
  • Auto-Close Store? - By toggling this option on, you won't have to worry about manually closing down stores. This is especially useful when you have a lot of stores operating at once, or if you have stores closing down overnight due to timezones and/or agreed-upon deadlines.

Note: You can edit the close date and time at any point - even if a store has closed!



Optional Custom Store Contact

In certain circumstances, your customers who ask you to build an online store may want to be listed as a contact to prevent confusion for their purchasers. To accommodate for this, simply fill out the relevant fields in the "Optional Custom Store Contact" to list alternate contact information at the bottom of your online store.



Additionally, if the end customer visits the online store site when the store is closed, they'll be presented with the alternate contact's information.


Store Owner

The store owner is the user who will be in charge of the consolidated invoice(s) of orders. By default, this is the user assigned as the owner of the invoice that generated the store, though this can be changed at any point with this option.


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