Offer coupons for dollar-based or percentage-based discounts

Printavo Merch allows for easy coupon code generation.

  • Code is where you set the coupon code that you would like to distribute. You can use the "Generate Code" button to randomly generate a coupon code.
  • Discount is the amount you would like to discount on either a dollar or percentage basis. Be sure to select the discount classification so you're providing the appropriate price reduction to your customer.
  • Max Redemptions is an optional field that allows you to set the maximum amount of times a coupon can be used. An example of when to use this would be an X dollar or percentage discount to the first Y number of customers who make a purchase in the store.
  • Expires At is an optional, time-based limiter on the coupon that can be used in addition to or in lieu of the max redemption option. An example of when to use this would be if you wanted to offer an X dollar or percentage discount as an incentive to anyone who purchases in, say, the first Y days that the store is open to help drive early business.


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