Set your delivery methods to regulate how the customer can receive their product

A Printavo Merch store must have either a pickup location or shipping method established. Use the "Delivery Methods" settings to set:

Shipping Options

Here you'll see the shipping options available to you based upon what you've set up in your core Printavo account. Toggle the carrier(s) you'd like to offer as options for the store and, unless you've set a price for flat rate shipping, the purchasing customer will choose their preferred delivery method (e.g., next day, 3-day, ground, etc.).


Flat Rate Shipping

If flat rate shipping is selected, the rate you enter will be used as the shipping cost when customers are checking out. Printavo will select the lowest cost shipping option from active shipping carriers to calculate the Actual Shipping Cost and generate the shipping label at fulfillment.

Note: To provide free shipping, turn on flat rate shipping, and set the shipping cost to $0.


Pickup Options

You can set physical pickup locations in addition to or in lieu of any shipping options you offer with your online store. At checkout, the customer will decide how they receive their goods.


Delivery Instructions

Delivery instructions will be presented to your customer both during the checkout process and in their purchase confirmation email. This is a great place to set timeline expectations for production, fulfillment, and delivery (pickup and/or shipping).


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