Message templates save time, automating frequent communications

Let's say that every time you draft an email for a payment request, it takes 1 minute to write the email and explain the payment process. Now let's say you make 10 payment requests per day:

  • 1 minute/email * 10 requests/day = 10 minutes/day
  • 10 minutes/day * 5 days/week = 50 minutes/week
  • 50 minutes/week * 4 weeks/month = 200 minutes/month
  • 200 minutes/month * 12 months = 2,400 minutes/year

That's 40 hours per year - a full work week - simply writing emails to request payment!

As you can see from this example, shops are able to save literal weeks of work using message templates for things like:

  • Payment requests
  • Approval requests
  • Responses to frequently asked questions
  • Pickup information
  • Order Issues

And don't feel limited to this list. Your template options are endless!

Message templates can be accessed from the "Messages" on a job or via the 

Where to do this: My Account > Messaging > Messaging Templates

Note: Printavo power users save even more time by using shortcodes when creating message templates. Click the "Using Shortcodes" button when building a template to for a quick tutorial.




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