Set up Status Change Notifications to automatically communicate both to your employees and to your customers

Change a status in Printavo, send an email or text. Stop writing emails every time something needs to be done! Utilize Printavo’s Status Change Notifications to automatically craft a personalized message and relay relevant information with a single click. For example, you can switch a job to a “Quote Approved” status and have that email or text your artist(s). They can add their art to Printavo, then change the status of the job to text the customer and ask for approval.

Where to do this: My Account > Status Change Notifications

Note: Utilize Printavo’s “shortcodes” on the Status Change Notifications page to customize your message by auto-filling information like the customer’s first name, the job number, the job name, and more. Text messaging is available for Premium subscribers only.

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5.2c Zapier (Premium)

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