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One-click consolidate unfulfilled orders onto a single Printavo work order

As customers place orders, their purchases and options will appear as numbered orders on your store's Orders page:


Clicking "Copy to Invoice" will consolidate all unassigned, unfulfilled orders onto a single Printavo Quote/Invoice page into the Printavo status of your choosing. You will also receive an email confirming the invoice was successfully created.




As you can see, all 32 items ordered over 4 orders, including personalization options, consolidate into one line item per product:


Now, simply treat this job as any other in your Printavo workflow.

One main difference to note in a Merch-generated invoice is the selection of options you now have under "More Actions". Specifically, you can now take bulk action to:

  • Print all packing slips (sorted by Order #)
  • Print all box labels (sorted by Order #)
  • Create all shipping labels for any order that chose shipping
  • View an exportable list of all selected personalizations
  • Mark all orders as Fulfilled

You also have one-click access to return to your administrative view of the source Printavo Merch store:


Want some tips on your fulfillment process?

Click here to see how Campus Ink fulfills all online orders!

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