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One-click consolidate unfulfilled orders onto a single Printavo work order

As customers place orders, their purchases and options will appear as numbered orders on your store's Orders page:


Clicking "Copy to Invoice" will consolidate all unassigned, unfulfilled orders onto a single Printavo Quote/Invoice page into the Printavo status of your choosing. You will also receive an email confirming the invoice was successfully created.




As you can see, all 32 items ordered over 4 orders, including personalization options, consolidate into one line item per product:


Now, simply treat this job as any other in your Printavo workflow.

One main difference to note in a Merch-generated invoice is the selection of options you now have under "More Actions". Specifically, you can now take bulk action to:

  • Print all packing slips (sorted by Order #)
  • Print all box labels (sorted by Order #)
  • Create all shipping labels for any order that chose shipping
  • View an exportable list of all selected personalizations
  • Mark all orders as Fulfilled

You also have one-click access to return to your administrative view of the source Printavo Merch store:


Refunding a merch order

In order to refund a merch order you will:

  • Go into the Merch Order that needs refunding.
  • Click More Actions
  • Click Cancel Order and confirm on the pop-up.

If the merch order is attached to an invoice and/or marked as fulfilled, you will not be able to refund it until the following steps are followed:

  • Delete the invoice that the order is attached to.
    • Do this by going into the invoice More Actions - Delete and confirm on the pop-up.
  • Mark all order that were attached to the invoice as unfulfilled.
    • Do this by going into each order More Actions - Mark as Unfulfilled.
  • After following the above 2 steps, go into the order that requires refunding and cancel the order via the process outlined at the beginning of this section.
  • The other orders that were marked as unfulfilled and removed from the invoice can be re-attached to an invoice after cancelling the needed order. This is done via the merch store page by clicking Copy to Invoice which will attach all unassigned orders to an invoice.

If the merch order has had shipping labels generated you will not be able to refund the order. Please reach out to if you are needing to refund an order at this point.

How to partially refund a merch order


We’ve now added the ability to specify an exact refund quantity on a paid merch order. The entered quantity of a product automatically adjusts the dollar amount of the refund to be given. These changes do not affect the workflow or process of cancelling a merch order to fully refund it. 


You can now enter a refund quantity up to the total number of items paid for, and can also specify how much of the shipping cost you would like to refund: 

The refund modal defaults to the full quantity of items available, but can be adjusted lower as needed before submitting the refund. The shipping cost refund box defaults to zero, but can be adjusted up to the total shipping cost paid on this order. The value must be greater than zero and no greater than the total shipping cost.


A partial merch refund cannot be initiated on merch orders that have been copied onto an invoice so the refund button will be hidden from merch orders associated with an invoice. To issue a partial refund on a merch order that is associated with an invoice, the invoice will need to be deleted, at which point the refund button will become available next to the line item on the merch order.


Want some tips on your fulfillment process?

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