Use Printavo Merch's product settings to customize your product offerings

In this section, we'll take a look at the specific customization options available for Printavo Merch products. We'll show you how to:

Customize product names and descriptions to help push sales

Most purchasing customers don't know the difference between a Gildan 5000 and a PC54, so help describe your product and assist the sale using the product's name and description.

When you initially build a Merch store from an invoice, the default product name and description are what comes over from the invoice, which is ultimately what's pulled from the catalog or custom product listing. 

As you can see, the default information for our hoodie is a product name, model number, and type:


To change this, head to your product editing page by opening your store, clicking "Products" > "Edit" (next to your desired product):


Edit the Name and Description field to change what displays on the product page:



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Override global fundraising to set a per-product fundraising amount

Printavo Merch allows you to set per-product fundraising, because sometimes a global fundraising amount doesn't make sense for your margins or the store's goals. (Giving up 50% on a hoodie often has a much larger impact than giving up 50% on a T-shirt.)

If you recall from the description of our example store, 50% of all shirt and hoodie proceeds go to the Rosati's staff, but only $5 of tote bag sales goes toward the funds raised. 

To set per-product fundraising:

  1. Make sure you have fundraising turned on in your store. 
  2. Toggle Use Custom Fundraising Amount? on. 
  3. Set your dollar or percentage amount under Custom Fundraising Amount.
  4. Save the product info with the green "Save" button at the bottom of the page.
  5. To confirm that your change took place, check the "Fundraising Method" column of your products page.



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Manage size and color variants

Managing size and color options for a product in Printavo Merch is simple. Add/Edit as many size or color variants as you'd like using the "+ Option" button and the pulldown lists. Don't see one you need? No problem. Type in a custom option that will add to your variant bank for future use.


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Price for large or specialty sizes

Once you've set your size and color offerings, you can easily price per combination by editing the price field next to the desired size and color. Changing a price will also edit the displayed price range of the product both in the store and on your products page. The price change will reflect on the product when the user selects any impacted size-color combination.



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Add extra product images

Use the "+ Add Images" button to add multiple images to your product for the customer to scroll through. This is a great way to display:

  • Different colored versions of the product
  • Multiple design locations of the product (e.g., chest, sleeve, back, custom tag)
  • Detailed images of the design(s)
  • Sizing guides
  • Anything else you'd like!


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Add and charge for personalization options

Use the "+ Personalization" button to give the customer the ability to add personalization options (e.g., name, number, nickname, etc.). Add your desired upcharge for the extra work if you will be charging for the extra work. If this personalization is a requirement (e.g., a basketball jersey needs a name and a number), check the "Required?" box to prevent the customer from making the purchase without filling out this field.



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Rearrange the display order of your products

Want to order your products from most to least expensive? From cheapest to priciest? Want to feature a specific product first on your list? No problem. Rearranging the display order of your products is as simple as dragging and dropping.

Simply head to your product page, then click and drag your products in the order you'd like them displayed in your store!


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