Can I change shipping weights after creating labels for Printavo Merch?

To correct an issue around incorrect shipping weights after creating shipping labels in Printavo Merch, you will perform the following:

  1. Cancel the shipping label(s) in question in EasyPost.

    As per EasyPost: "USPS shipping labels can be refunded if requested within 30 days of generation. The processing time is at least 15 days, after which the funds will return to your EasyPost balance. EasyPost fees will also be refunded. To qualify, a shipment must not have been scanned by the USPS. UPS and FedEx shipping labels may be refunded within 90 days of creation"

  2. Update the weight correctly on the Printavo Merch product. Updating the weight for a product will not update a product that is already in a customer's cart.
  3. Cancel associated orders with the incorrect weight for a customer to make a new purchase
  4. Create labels from the new Printavo Merch order
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