3 Ways to Initiate a Quote

There are 3 primary ways to initiate a quote natively in Printavo: via the +Quote button, the customer profile, and job duplication. Premium tier subscribers have more options via Zapier integrations and custom API builds.

Via the + Quote button:


This is the most frequently used (and fastest) way to initiate a quote in Printavo. Simply click the + Quote button in the top of your Printavo application to initiate the quote.

Via the customer profile:


You can use the green "New Quote" button next to the relevant contact within a customer's profile to initiate a new quote. The advantage to initiating a quote this way is that the customer information is automatically filled out for you.

Via job duplication:


If a customer loves the work you did and asks you for a reprint, duplicating the information from the original invoice to a new quote takes only 2 clicks. Just head to "More Actions" > "Duplicate Quote/Invoice" and all relevant data will copy over onto a brand new job for you. Note: You can edit the job information on a duplicated invoice. They want 50 more larges this time? That's OK! Just change the quantities to get your new pricing.

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