How to use Fees, Discounts, and Tax Overrides


In this article we will cover the following:

How do I use Invoice Fees?

  1. Head to My Account, via the profile icon in the upper right of your Printavo account.

  2. Click Invoice Fees on the left side of your account view.

  3. Select New Fee and enter the fee you wish to create. You can choose the name of the fee, the description of the fee, the amount (choose from either a fixed amount fee or a percentage-based fee in the dropdown), whether the fee will be taxed, and whether the fee will be added by default in all quotes and invoices that are created.

    A Note About Percentage-based fees:
    We recommend utilizing percentage-based fees for Rush Fees or Late Fees only. If your shop is considering adding percentage-based fees for other purposes, we strongly recommend that you look into the laws and regulations first. There are VERY STRICT rules that govern who, how and the manner in which this practice can be done.


  4. When creating a new invoice or editing an existing one, at the bottom you can add a fee that you made in the prior steps or create a new one.

    Note: If the fee was setup as default fee, it will already be added in this section.

    Note #2: Percentage Fees will not show as a percentage on the Public Invoice. Shops’ customers will just see the total dollar amount reflected


How do I use Discounts?

  • Enter a custom discount amount and choose whether it's a percentage-based discount or fixed rate discount via the dropdown on the right.


How do I use Tax Overrides?

  • If you wish to override the sales tax that is populated by the value in the Customer profile or Invoice Information enter your custom percentage here. 
    Note: If there is no sales tax allocated in the customer profile, the tax field will use the sales tax in the Invoice Information under My Account.



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