2.5 Connect Distributor Catalogs and Add Custom Products

Connect to AlphaBroder, S&S Activewear, and SanMar's catalogs

Why: All users can accurately and consistently markup products based on where you're ordering your blanks.

Where: My Account > Product Catalogs

Printavo pulls products and base pricing from the above catalogs on a daily basis. Don't see a catalog you use? You can upload custom products individually or in bulk under My Account > Custom Products.

Follow these steps to import your custom product list correctly:

  1. Export the list of your current products as a CSV or XLS format.
  2. Download this template file and fill it out with your products in Spreadsheet.
  3. Make sure NOT to touch the first row.
  4. Convert the file into a UTF 8 and save it to your computer.
  5. Upload the completed CSV file.

Note: T-shirt sizes need to be in the format of "S", "M", "L", etc.

To add/delete single products from your custom product list:

  1. Head to My Account > Custom Products
  2. From here, you can add/edit/delete single products

Updating product pricing:

When uploading an updated product spreadsheet such as price updates to garments, as long as all the other info is the same and only the price is different, the products won't be duplicated and only their prices will be updated.

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