Transitioning to Printavo

Changing your current process to using Printavo may be a daunting task, but we're here to help. Printavo allows you to import customers and products to get moving quickly, along with a full Implementation & Training program for additional in-depth assistance.

Who can help our shop move to Printavo?

When getting started with Printavo, contact with our team is extensive. We understand that learning a new system plus training your team is no easy task. Here is an outline of what happens with a new account:

  1. Demo with our sales team - You will work closely with our sales team to understand how you shop operates and how Printavo can help.
  2. Start your subscription
  3. Implementation & Training Program (Optional) - Shops often opt-in to our intensive, immersive setup & training experience that helps you and your team to use Printavo to the fullest. Our Success team works to get you running on Printavo quickly and completely optimized.
  4. Customer Success Manager check-ins - Our Customer Success team will reach out to schedule time and review your account. This is a great time to bring work-flow questions so we can help you use Printavo to the max.
  5. Customer Care team - If you have technical questions, our team is here to quickly help via email and phone. 

What data can I import into Printavo?

Using our templated CSV files, you can import the following into your Printavo account:

By clicking the links above, you will be directed to instructions on how to import this data.

Can I import quotes/orders into Printavo?

You can't import quotes/orders via CSV into Printavo as you can with customers and products. 

Note: If you're familiar with our API ( you can build a custom integration to import your order data.

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