How to set up using your Custom Email Domain in Printavo

Printavo is excited to launch Custom Domain Messaging for Premium Subscriptions.





When a Shop has their Custom Email Domain verified in Printavo any email sent from a User who has the Verified Custom Email Domain will have the email’s "From" be Steven Farag <> instead of Printavo <>. 

Messages that come from your email address

Take a look at an example message with the "From" as the sender's email address.


  • Messages on an order
  • Status change notifications
  • Payment requests

Email addresses that aren't using the same domain name as the company, will come from 

How to verify your email domain

1. Initial Verification

  1. Navigate to My Account > Messaging
  2. Scroll to Custom Domain Messaging
  3. Enter your email address with a custom domain that you want to use
  4. Click Begin Verification button
  5. An email will be sent titled "Verify your domain for Mandrill". Please forward it to 

2. Domain Verification

We will need to add two TXT records to your domain name. These are used to send emails on your behalf. 


  1. We'll need to add "DKIM Records" to your domain name. Add a new record of type "TXT" with the "Host" and "Value" provided in your Custom Domain Messages settings.
  2. Time to add your "SPF Records" to your domain.
    1. First, search your DNS records if you have one that begins with v=spf1
    2. If you do, simple add right before ?all
      • Example: v=spf1 mx ?all
    3. If you don't have any record yet with v=spf1, add a TXT record with the following:
      • Host: v=spf1 ?all
      • Value: @
  3. Click Verify Domain Records

Note: If your DNS provider does not allow @  for the Host then try to leave it Blank/Empty

Note: It can take 24-48 hrs for domain changes to take effect.

Need additional documentation? Read through our step by step.

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