Fundraising using Printavo Merch

What is Printavo Merch?

Help businesses, teams, clubs, schools, greeks organizations, and more raise money for their cause. Printavo Merch fundraisers allow you to:
  • Set a global fundraising amount that's either amount or percentage-based for each productmceclip1.png
  • Show or hide the total fundraised amount
  • Set a fundraising goal


How to turn on a fundraiser?

To enable fundraising capabilities for a Printavo Merch store:
  1. Head to the store of your choice
  2. Click More Actions > Settings > Fundraising
  3. Click Enable Fundraising
  4. Set a Fundraising Amount Per Product. This the dollar or percentage to fundraise for each product.fundraising-amount.png


How to set product fundraised amount?

  1. Under Customization
  2. Choose if you'd like to Display Fundraised Amount which displays like this:display-fundraised-amount.png
  3. Enter in an optional Fundraising Goal which displays like this:fundraising-goal.png

How do I have custom fundraising amounts per product? 

1. Go to the edit page of the product you would like to have a different fundraising amount for and turn on the "Use Custom Fundraising Amount" toggle. 

2. Specify if you want a percentage or dollar amount for the fundraised amount. 

3. Save, this will update your product to have a different fundraiser amount than other products in your store. mceclip0.png


What are tips to run successful fundraisers?

Printavo Merch fundraisers can be very successful for your shop to drive sales and for the fundraising organizer. Here are a few tips to have a successful campaign:
  • Manage the quoting/sales process. Create terms & conditions for stores when getting the initial quote approved from your customer. A few ideas to cover are:
    • Minimum order quantity. If a store does not sell 12 items, it will be canceled and items refunded
    • Maximum designs per store
    • Maximum ink/color changes 
    • Turnaround time for fulfillment after the store has closed
    • Optional upsells (bagging, tagging, etc)
    • How long stores run before closing
    • Handling orders/changes after a store has closed
  • Use great artwork! Your shop has design chops, use them to create a unique design that people want to buy to support the cause. 
  • Keep the store as simple as possible. Have a mission on the store such as "We're helping Max's Restaurant support their employees!"
  • Few choices. Keeps the selection options down to reduce confusion from potential buyers. 
  • Set realistic, achievable fundraising goals. Humans need to be able to achieve goals then do it again.
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