Fundraising Using Printavo Merch

What is Printavo Merch?

Help businesses, teams, clubs, schools, greeks organizations, and more raise money for their cause. Printavo Merch fundraisers allow you to:
  • Set a global fundraising amount that's either amount or percentage-based for each productmceclip1.png
  • Show or hide the total fundraised amount
  • Set a fundraising goal


How to turn on a fundraiser?

To enable fundraising capabilities for a Printavo Merch store:
  1. Head to the store of your choice
  2. Click More Actions > Settings > Fundraising
  3. Click Enable Fundraising
  4. Set a Fundraising Amount Per Product. This the dollar or percentage to fundraise for each product.fundraising-amount.png


How to set product fundraised amount?

  1. Under Customization
  2. Choose if you'd like to Display Fundraised Amount which displays like this:display-fundraised-amount.png
  3. Enter in an optional Fundraising Goal which displays like this:fundraising-goal.png


What are tips to run successful fundraisers?

Printavo Merch fundraisers can be very successful for your shop to drive sales and for the fundraising organizer. Here are a few tips to have a successful campaign:
  • Manage the quoting/sales process. Create terms & conditions for stores when getting the initial quote approved from your customer. A few ideas to cover are:
    • Minimum order quantity. If a store does not sell 12 items, it will be canceled and items refunded
    • Maximum designs per store
    • Maximum ink/color changes 
    • Turnaround time for fulfillment after the store has closed
    • Optional upsells (bagging, tagging, etc)
    • How long stores run before closing
    • Handling orders/changes after a store has closed
  • Use great artwork! Your shop has design chops, use them to create a unique design that people want to buy to support the cause. 
  • Keep the store as simple as possible. Have a mission on the store such as "We're helping Max's Restaurant support their employees!"
  • Few choices. Keeps the selection options down to reduce confusion from potential buyers. 
  • Set realistic, achievable fundraising goals. Humans need to be able to achieve goals then do it again.
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