How is Printavo Merch sales tax calculated?

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Automatic sales tax in Printavo Merch

Printavo Merch allows you to automatically calculate sales tax on each placed order. This is calculated by Printavo, behind-the-scenes using a service called TaxJar. If an item is shipped out of state and there is no economic nexus, 0% sales tax is used. Learn more about automatic tax calculation.

When using the automatic option, pickup orders are charged sales tax based on the shop location. 

We partner with TaxJar to automatically calculate all sales tax rates based on From and To addresses to stay current on the latest tax changes.

TaxJar has implemented the Streamlined Sales Tax rate and boundary files as provided by certain states. When looking up a tax rate based on only a 5-digit Zip Code, which is generally what's provided as the From and To address, the Streamlined rules mandate that the lowest rate found in that Zip Code area be used.

Streamlined Sales Tax-based states will accept sales tax lookup using a full address, 9-digit Zip Codes or 5-digit Zip Codes which will be why you'll see different sales taxes than normal.

Most importantly, they have a "hold harmless" provision for all incorrect rates which result from the usage of the official SST rate/boundary sets.


Flat rate sales tax in Printavo Merch

If you would prefer to manually use a flat-rate sales tax, this option is available as well.


How to select your sales tax rate settings in Printavo Merch

You can select either automatic or flat rate tax by going to your Merch store >

  1. Clicking More Actions > Settings
  2. Click Store Information
  3. Scroll to Sales Tax

Note, you are not able to have both of these options selected for an individual Merch store.

Printavo Merch sales tax looks wrong, now what?

If sales tax is set to automatically calculate, it will use the appropriate tax rate based on from/to addresses. When sales tax is set for flat rate, it will use the preset rate you have entered.

Neither option is manipulated or overwritten by Printavo.


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