Handling order fulfillment in Merch

Order fulfillment is a crucial piece of the online store process. The Printavo Merch method of doing this is copying orders from the store into a new invoice. 


Here is how you will fulfill unfulfilled orders:

  1. Visit the store 
  2. Click Copy to Invoice on the top right
  3. This will copy all unfulfilled orders to a new Printavo invoice
  4. You will be redirected to this new invoice
  5. Here can do the following:
    1. Mark all line items as "Need Ordering"
    2. Print "All Packing Slips"
    3. View "Personalizations" - If customers opt'd in for customizations, a list of them will be viewable here. Under each line item, personalizations can be viewed as well.
  6. Mark all as "Fulfilled" - This will email all customers letting them know of the updated order status



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