Create a Merch store from a Quote

Merch stores can be created in two ways, from a quote and manually.

A proposal can be created in the form of a Printavo quote to be approved by the organizer. This quote would have artwork, production information, sale price, start/end dates, minimums, and other details. Here is a quote example.

When ready, you can create your Merch store by:

  1. Viewing the quote
  2. Clicking on More Actions
  3. Clicking on Create Merch Store


You will notice a few things when creating a store from a quote:

From a Quote To Merch
Enter in any value into the original quote line item columns. Here is a quote example. This will populate product sizes. Example: a "1" in the Small and Medium column will create Small and Medium product sizes for you.
Mockups Product images
Line item description

Product description

 Please also note, there is a minimum price of $2.00 for the line item to be able to be in a quote and carried over to a Merch store. 

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