How do shops use Printavo Merch?

Printavo Merch allows you to create online stores fast. You can create group stores for team orders, fundraisers, company stores, and more. 

Many shops utilize Printavo Merch for the following use cases to increase value to their customers:

Club/Group Orders

No more paper order forms when you use Printavo Merch. Group organizers can have a link to their store to share with team members. Members can individually purchase items, use coupon codes, and select delivery options. 

You can then individually bag and tag items quickly during fulfillment.

Company Stores

Working with a franchise or company that needs uniforms? You can utilize Printavo to set up a store for company employees to purchase goods. They can use preset coupon codes and buy exactly what they need.

Team Orders

Coaches no longer need to collect paper order forms from parents and students. Tallying checks, total sales and distributing gear also isn't needed. Shops can provide coaches with a link to their online store so that participants and parents can buy the products they need. 

You can then individually bag and tag items quickly during fulfillment to create a great presentation back to the coach.

Fundraisers Coming Soon


Allow group organizers to fundraise using Printavo Merch. Create preset products to be purchased and view reports on the total amount fundraised.


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