Creating coupon codes for Merch stores

Want to give a discount on a Merch store?

Head to the store you want to create a code for and click on settings.


From there:

  • Click on coupons on the menu towards the left. 
  • Click on + Add Coupon
    1. You can manually enter a code for customers to use as a coupon.
    2. Clicking on Generate Code will create a random code for your coupon.
    3. Set the amount of the coupon.
    4. Set the limit of how many times the coupon can be used.
    5. Set an expiration date for the coupon.
    6. Delete the existing coupon above.
  • Click Save to finish creating your coupons.



Will coupon codes stack if a customer uses multiple?

If a customer uses multiple coupon codes, they will not stack and add additional discounts. The coupon code that results in the greatest discount will be applied.

Is there a way to have a discount code that will not affect the fundraising amount?

Yes, if the fundraising is in dollar amount, a coupon won't affect the fundraising amount. If the fundraising amount is in percentage, a discount code will affect the fundraising amount. 

If my coupon code is not working, how do I fix it? 

If your coupon code is not working and you are receiving an error make sure that you try the following:

  • Delete and recreate the code

  • Make sure the code does not have any spaces 

Do coupon codes affect shipping cost?

Shipping cost is added after any discounted coupon codes.




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