Have an existing, separate QuickBooks Online and Printavo accounts but want to start exporting?

You can start exporting Printavo information into your QuickBooks Online account at any time if you are a subscriber to the Standard tier of service or above. If you have been using QuickBooks Online and Printavo separately and have not connected your accounts, this article is for you!

There are a few things to keep in mind when going through this process:

Duplicate Customers

Printavo does not know about existing customers you have in QuickBooks Online. This may lead to duplicate customers being created in QuickBooks Online. You may merge them in QuickBooks Online and Printavo will attempt to find them and export attached invoices/payments on the next bi-hourly export.


Existing Invoice Numbers

Printavo can not export invoices to QuickBooks Online where the invoice number is already taken in QuickBooks Online. Invoice numbers that are available to be used in QuickBooks Online will be exported. 

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