How do box labels & barcoding work?

Thanks for your interest in box labels & barcoding! We wanted to make it easier to pull up invoices without having to type in invoice numbers and search for them when needed.  

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How it works

  1. When viewing an invoice, click on More Actions > Box Label
  2. This will be a label, with a QR code, to print and stick on boxes
  3. Each work order also has a QR code
  4. Click on the QR Code icon  at the top to scan barcodes quickly

Devices to scan barcodes

There are two ways you can scan barcodes with Printavo:

  • Any smartphone/tablet with a camera - Click on the QR Code icon  at the top to scan barcodes quickly
  • Teemi QR Scanner - This works great when scanning barcodes quickly. You will need to open your browser and click "Command/Apple + L" to focus your cursor in the URL bar.

Recommended label details and printer

  • Default labels at 4" by 6"
  • We suggest using Arkscan, Zebra, or DYMO 4XL 

Usage examples

Great usage examples we're seeing already are:

  • Scan the QR code to be able to change a status quickly
  • Print off a shipping label
  • Attach a picture of what the print looks like for re-orders
  • Attach box label when checking in shirts
  • Scanning in jobs on press to change a status and load mockups
  • Scanning in jobs 
  • Pulling up production files for direct-to-garment printing
  • Pulling up files for direct-to-screen printing
  • Signing off when counting shirts out

Mobile/tablet compatibility 

  • Android 8.0+ and iOS 11+ 

What browsers should be used to scan QR codes?

  • If you are using a smartphone/tablet on iOS you will need to use Safari. If you are using an Android device then you will need to use Chrome.

Tips for implementing barcodes

  1. Use the keyboard shortcuts to select your address bar before you scan: on a Mac it's Command/Apple+L, on Windows it's Alt+D.
  2. Make sure the barcode is totally flat when you scan it.
  3. Get an inexpensive barcode scanner from Amazon to help with scanning.

When scanning the QR code, I am getting an error?

If you are receiving an error to reach out to your company, similar to the one below, please use the following:

- log in to your account from that device (browser or app should work) 

- rescan the code using the QR code logo on Printavo

- make sure the account you're using has the appropriate credentials to view invoices 



If you have done all of these steps and you continue to get the same error, please contact us at

Barcoding URL Schema

When scanning one of the following:

  • Box labels
  • Work orders

The URL returned will be in this format:

Visual_id determines the Invoice Number for that order in Printavo and can be used to perform custom functionality in 3rd party equipment. 


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