Inktavo Integration: InkSoft Online Stores <> Printavo


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How to connect your InkSoft and Printavo Accounts

Note: Both plans must be on the highest tier to connect properly: InkSoft Unlimited & Printavo Premium

  1. In InkSoft navigate to ‘Inktavo Accounts’ from the profile icon in the left navigation
  2. Enter in your Printavo username and password
  3. Confirm the account on the popup
  4. See a confirmation / connected screen
    1. You can only connect one InkSoft account to one Printavo account. You cannot connect multiple InkSoft accounts to a single Printavo account
    2. If you enter your credentials for a Printavo account that’s not on the right plan, we throw you an error.





Sharing Stores

Once connected, you’ll want to navigate to your Stores list in InkSoft and enable which stores you want to ‘Share’ orders for.

    1. In InkSoft navigate to ‘Stores' from the primary navigation
    2. To share all Store orders with Printavo, flip the toggle in the top right-hand corner of the screen
    3. To share all orders from one or more specific stores, select the three-dot menu to the right of the store, and select "Share Orders with Printavo"







Printavo Storefronts

  • Printavo Storefronts is the new section where both Merch and InkSoft Stores will live
  • InkSoft Stores will show a dashboard with some high-level info on shared orders, it will show all the Stores you’ve shared, and you’ll be able to search here. 
  • Clicking on a Store will allow you to see all of the shared orders from InkSoft (the default is showing NEW orders that have not been assigned to a Printavo invoice yet)





Order Management

  • Once the integration is enabled and you have Stores enabled as well, you’ll see in the InkSoft Order Manager that New orders show a ‘P’ logo and a status called ‘In Printavo’
    • Orders in Pending Approval will not show in Printavo until approved
    • Orders in the “In Printavo” status will still be fully editable in InkSoft (we do not limit certain capabilities until the Order is assigned to an Invoice in Printavo)
  • Orders that originate from a Store, a Proposal, or an Embedded designer, will all be eligible for sharing to Printavo.



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