Customer-Stored Billing

Customer-stored billing enables your customers to store their payment information behind password protection. Stored billing streamlines the checkout process for your customers, providing them with a better experience (and getting you paid faster). 

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How to sign up for a customer-stored billing

Your customers have the ability to sign up for their own account for the purposes of storing their credit card information. The signup process can be initiated from any invoice you may have sent to your customer.

  • Your customers will now see a prompt to login, signup or checkout as a guest when viewing an invoice with an outstanding payment request.


  • To sign up for an account, your customer will have to click the “Sign up” button. From here, they simply need to fill out a short signup form.


  • After submitting the form, your customer will receive an email from Printavo requesting that they confirm their email address by clicking a link in the email.


  • After confirming their email, they’ll be redirected to the invoice they were viewing when they began signup, where they’ll be able to login and start using their stored billing methods.

How to save a card

  • Once your customer has signed up for an account, they’ll need to login by clicking the blue Login button and entering their information. If it’s their first time saving a card to that account, they’ll see a prompt to add a payment method.

Please note that stored bank accounts are coming soon. For now, your customers can only save a card.



  • The customer can now click Continue, and enter their card information.



  • From here, clicking save redirects the customer back to the invoice with the saved method selected.

How to checkout with a saved card

  • Once the customer has stored a card, they can then use it to checkout on an invoice. A logged-in customer with a stored card will see their stored card pre-selected before proceeding to checkout.



  • Clicking the blue continue button takes the customer to the confirmation page, where they can review their billing information.



  • From here, clicking the green Pay button will submit payment on this invoice.


Adding an additional card

  • Adding an additional card to a customer account is easy - just click the pencil icon next to the default stored card.

  • On the next page, the customer will see an option to add a credit card. 

  • Clicking “Add a Credit Card” takes them to a short form where they can enter card details, name this payment method, and indicate whether it should be the default payment method going forward.



Checking out with a bank account

  • Printavo does not currently support storing bank account information. Your customers can still check out with their bank accounts, but they cannot store it. If a customer is logged in and wishes to checkout with a bank account, they’ll have to click the pencil icon next to their stored card.


  • On the next page, the customer will select Check out with Bank.



  • Clicking Check out with Bank will take them to a checkout form with all of the necessary banking fields, just like if they weren’t logged in.



Checking out as a guest

  • Your customers are not required to sign up for an account to check out. Instead of clicking Log In or Sign Up, your customer can simply click Continue as a guest in order to bypass all account-related workflows.



  • Clicking Continue as a guest takes the customer to the standard checkout form that they’ve always had.



Resetting a password

  • The password reset process is incredibly simple. It starts on the login page.


  • From here, clicking the Forgot password link takes the customer to the Forgot Password page.

  • From here, the customer can enter the email they used to sign up for an account, then click Reset Password. The user will receive an email from Printavo that looks like this:



  • Clicking Change my password from the email takes the customer to a page where they can set their new password.

  • Clicking save will update the password, and redirect the customer to the login page.


How to edit or delete a stored card

  • Customers can edit or remove a stored card with just a few simple clicks. The customer will have to login first.



  • Once logged in, the customer can click the pencil icon to navigate to the stored cards list.



  • From here, click the pencil icon next to the saved card you wish to edit or delete.



  • On the edit page, the customer can now make changes to the expiration date, nickname, billing address, and contact information. If the customer wishes to delete this method, they must click the Delete payment method button. 

Please note that the default payment method cannot be deleted without first assigning a new default. Alternatively, if it’s the last or only stored payment method, it can be deleted even if it’s the default method.

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