If you're wanting to stay in the loop with your merch stores you can enable Merch Order Notifications to receive an hourly summary of any new orders that have been placed. Say goodbye to missed orders and hello to a new level of efficiency. 

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How can users opt-in for merch order notifications?

  1. Navigate to Merch > Settings > General Information
  2. Enable the toggle for “New order notification email”
  3. Add emails in a comma-separated list within the text field below the toggle
  4. Click Save


How can users opt out of merch order notifications if they previously opted in?

  1. Navigate to Merch > Settings > General Information
  2. Remove their email from the comma-separated list
  3. Click Save


How often will shops receive notifications of new merch orders?

A new order notification email will be sent once per hour if the shop has received any new merch orders within the past hour.


What content is in the notification email?

  1. A summary with a total of how many new merch orders have been created in the past hour
  2. New merch orders are grouped by merch store and contain the following info:
    1. Order # and link to order
    2. # of minutes ago that the order was placed
  3. Support contact info


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