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Accessing Customer Public Profile

A customer's public profile is where they can see all of their quotes and invoices and where their order is in the workflow- all on their own time. If a customer is requesting a rundown of their orders, you can:

Go to Customers > Find the customer you are searching for > Click their profile > Click Public Profile


Once on the Public Profile, you can share the URL with the customer.

How can I change the customer on an invoice?

You can easily change the customer for an invoice.

  1. View the invoice you'd like to change
  2. Click Edit on the top left
  3. Select a new customer in the dropdown from the top

How can I mass delete customers?

Deleting the customers you've uploaded is easy. To do this:

  1. Head to My Account 
  2. Click Import/Export Data
  3. Click Import Customers
  4. Finally, click "Delete Customers" at the bottom of this page

Note that customers without orders will only be deleted. 

Can you save a customer's credit card information?

At the moment, there is no way of saving a customer's credit card information.

Can I merge customers/contacts?

In order to merge customer accounts/profiles:

  1. View the customer who is to be merged
  2. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click "Merge Customer"
  3. Enter customer's name to merge into
  4. Click Save

Once this action is complete, the customers will be merged together.

How do I delete a customer?

To delete a customer, please do the following:

  1. View the customer you would like to delete
  2. Scroll down towards the bottom of their profile
  3. Click Delete Customer in grey 

How can I provide a receipt for a customer?

We suggest using the invoice with the paid amounts as a receipt for your customers. You may save the invoice as a PDF by going to My Account > Download PDF. You may also ask the customer to print out their public invoice. 

Searching for partial customer names

Utilize an "*" when searching for someone's name with a partial phrase. 

For example, searching for "Park*" Would return "Parker".

When I update a customer, the address doesn't carry over to its invoices?

When you update a customer, the address does not carry over to its invoices. The reason behind this is that customers may have different billing and shipping addresses on an order-by-order basis. 

When creating a quote, the initial customer address information is copied to the quote and stored separately. 

This means it must be edited independently of changes to the customer address in their profile. 


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