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What is Printavo Merch?

Printavo Merch allows you to create online stores in minutes. You can simply create group stores for team orders, fundraisers, company stores, and more. 

Online stores have become an essential sales tool for growth in print shops. Shops can help their customers sell more, collect sizes, allow for individual payments, fundraise, and more with Printavo Merch.

Group e-commerce platforms have generally been complicated to use taking time to set up and deploy. When stores are done, orders have historically had to be manually copied back into a production management tool. Printavo Merch simplifies this process by allowing for quick store creation and collapsing of orders back into invoices to manage.

Before Printavo Merch

Teams wanting to collect orders or run boosters to fundraise for the team. Paper order forms were sent around to be filled out with checks for payment.

Coaches and group organizers would have to sift through forms, checks, and cash to make sure the totals were correct. 

Completed group orders were then left all in a box, not separated for each distribution by the coach/group organizer.

After Printavo Merch

A proposal can be created in the form of a Printavo quote to be approved by the organizer. This quote would have artwork, production information, sale price, start/end dates, minimums, and other details. Here is a quote example.

Group organizers can 1-click approve the quote which lets the shop know they're ready for a store. Here is an example store.

Orders are then collected through the store via individuals paying separately.

Using 1-click, all unfulfilled orders are copied into a new invoice for production management.

Best Practices

Below is a document that goes into Prinavo Merch's Best Practices! Just a few do's and dont's to keep in mind when you are creating a new store. 

Merch Store Best Practices 

How much does Printavo Merch cost?

Printavo Merch is a $99/mo add-on to the Standard or Premium Printavo subscription. You can cancel at any time.

Does Printavo Merch offer an annual subscription?

Printavo Merch does not offer an annual subscription at this time.

Does Printavo Merch take any transactional fees?

Printavo Merch does not charge a transactional fee. It costs a flat amount of $99/mo as an add-on to your Standard or Premium Printavo subscription.

Is Printavo Merch a stand-alone service?

Printavo Merch is not a stand-alone service and requires a Printavo subscription to create and operate online stores. Ease of fulfillment and store management is where Printavo Merch shines. When you are ready to print and ship purchase orders, you can 1-click fulfill orders, managing them in your existing workflow. 

More information: Handling order fulfillment in Printavo Merch

How do shops use Printavo Merch?

Printavo Merch allows you to create online stores fast. You can create group stores for team orders, fundraisers, company stores, and more. 

Many shops utilize Printavo Merch for the following use cases to increase value to their customers:

Club/Group Orders

No more paper order forms when you use Printavo Merch. Group organizers can have a link to their store to share with team members. Members can individually purchase items, use coupon codes, and select delivery options. 

You can then individually bag and tag items quickly during fulfillment.

Company Stores

Working with a franchise or company that needs uniforms? You can utilize Printavo to set up a store for company employees to purchase goods. They can use preset coupon codes and buy exactly what they need.

Team Orders

Coaches no longer need to collect paper order forms from parents and students. Tallying checks, total sales, and distributing gear also isn't needed. Shops can provide coaches with a link to their online store so that participants and parents can buy the products they need. 

You can then individually bag and tag items quickly during fulfillment to create a great presentation back to the coach.

Does Printavo Merch work Internationally?

At this time, Printavo Merch is not available anywhere but in the US, but we have plans to bring Merch global soon! 

Stay tuned for the progress of Merch!

How to keep track of store proposals

We suggest creating a new status for your Store's proposals. This way you can keep track of which orders were made through Printavo Merch and which were not.

Even a simple status like "Merch Store Order" may really help organize your workflow! 

How to pause my Printavo Merch subscription?

If you would like to uninstall Merch on your account, all you have to do is go to the app page and hit the trashcan icon to the right of the Merch app, this will uninstall Merch and you will not be charged for the next month. 

Merch Password Protection 

Password protecting a Merch store would be used so that only those with the password could access the store for purchases.

To change the password simply go to your Merch store, click on More Actions in the upper right, and then Settings. From there you can set up your password.


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