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QuickBooks Online: Can I change the account Printavo invoices go to in QuickBooks Online?

You can change this by customizing the products and services in QuickBooks Online. When Printavo syncs with QuickBooks, each line item will have a category that will transfer over as a product/service. Within QuickBooks, you can choose which account those products and services will be associated with:

Why are line items marked as "Taxable" in QuickBooks?

If you're syncing invoices from Printavo to QuickBooks Online, we will copy all order detail over to QuickBooks. This process happens regularly and includes many details from the order. You can read further about which fields map from Printavo to QuickBooks here.

You may notice line items are marked as "Taxable" in QuickBooks when they aren't that way in Printavo. This is due to your Product/Service for that line item, being marked as "Taxable".

To correct the issue:

  1. View the Product/Service used on the line item in question in QuickBooks
  2. Uncheck the Taxable checkbox 
  3. Save

Future invoices will now correctly sync the line item taxable status from Printavo to QuickBooks. 

How are categories in Printavo reflected in QuickBooks?

Once you sync Printavo with QuickBooks, our categories will go across as general income account Products/Services in QuickBooks.  Once everything syncs, you can change the income account to anything you'd like. 

An invoice or payment has not synced to my QuickBooks

If an invoice or payment has not sync'd to your QuickBooks Account, please try the following:

  1. Head to My Account > QuickBooks Sync and click Manual Sync Account
  2. Click Settings and make sure you've selected the statuses you want to sync

You can always view the syncing status of an invoice in two ways:

  1. View the invoice, click on More Actions > QuickBooks Status. This will show if the order and associated payments have synced yet. Keep in mind we sync every hour. 
  2. View the invoice, scroll down to History at the bottom and you will sync when the sync happened as well. 

What if I delete an invoice in Printavo?

If you delete an invoice in Printavo that has already sync'd with QuickBooks, you will need to manually delete the invoice in QuickBooks as well.  We do not delete any information in QuickBooks. 

Which statuses sync to QuickBooks?

In My Account > QuickBooks Sync > Settings you can edit which statuses you would like to sync to QuickBooks. 

Any statuses you select will be synced during the hourly or manual sync.

What is the correlation between date in Printavo to QuickBooks during the hourly sync?

Printavo syncs to your QuickBooks account every hour. The dates correspond as follows:  
Printavo 'Customer Due Date' = QuickBooks 'Due Date'
Printavo 'Created Date' = QuickBooks 'Transaction Date'

Why do we have an Open Balance on customers in QuickBooks?

An open balance on customers in QuickBooks can occur when the follow pattern of events happens:

  1. On 7/11/18, invoice #11339 is created with total amount of $0.00 in Printavo and synced to QuickBooks.
  2. At 7/13/18, the total amount was changed to $1,395 in Printavo and is synced to QuickBooks. This is when the customer open balance got changed to: $1,395.
  3. Subsequently, there was an update on the customer, that resulted in an invoice for an open balance amount of $1,395.

This issue can be corrected by not syncing invoices with a $0 amount. 

Can the invoice date that syncs to QuickBooks be changed?

You can change the date that is associated under My Account > Quickbook Sync > Settings

Can Merch invoices sync to QuickBooks?

Right now Merch invoices are not syncing to QuickBooks online.

Are existing orders affected if I change the Printavo Invoice date from Created Date to Customer Due Date in QB Sync?

Changing the date will change orders that need to be synced. If you had an older invoice and changes are made, that invoice will sync with the new date selected. 

Is there a way to turn off the payments syncing to QuickBooks?

At this time you are not able to turn off payments syncing to Quickbooks, but a solution would be to only sync a status that is prior to payment. If you head to My Account > Quickbooks Sync > Settings, this is where you can decide which statuses will sync over.

Can I sync an invoice to QuickBooks with a balance of $0?

If an order is $0 it won’t sync to QuickBooks. If you need an invoice to reflect as $0 in QuickBooks, we suggest for you to add a balance of $1 to sync to the invoice to QuickBooks, then update it to $0. 





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