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What data can I import into Printavo?

Using our templated CSV files, you can import the following into your Printavo account:

By clicking the links above, you will be directed to instructions on how to import this data.

Can I import quotes/orders into Printavo?

You can't import quotes/orders via CSV into Printavo as you can with customers and products. 

Note: If you're familiar with our API ( you can build a custom integration to import your order data.

Import Customer Data

You can import customers from many sources into Printavo. You will create a CSV file and upload it to Printavo to have your customers available. 

We also have a 1-click QuickBooks Online customer import to make things easier. 

To import customers from QuickBooks Online

Use this method if you have your customers currently in your QuickBooks Online account. This way the invoices you create will correctly be linked to your existing customers in QuickBooks Online. Tax-exempt information will also export over from QuickBooks Online to Printavo. 

  1. Head to My Account > QuickBooks Online Export to connect your QuickBooks Online to Printavo
  2. Head to My Account > Import/Export Customers > Import Customers
  3. Under QuickBooks Online Export, click Import

Do you import inactive customers?

Printavo will allow you to import your existing customers from QuickBooks Online to Printavo. We do not import inactive QuickBooks Online customers to Printavo during the process. 

How are Main Contacts and Additional Contacts handled in Printavo?

We transfer Main Contacts and Additional Contracts just like it is in QuickBooks Online to Printavo. The same relationship is held in Printavo and will be the Customer on the main profile, and then add contacts. 

To import customers from other sources

  1. Export your current customer list into a spreadsheet. 
  2. Download this template file and copy and paste the information from your current customer list into the template.
  3. Make sure NOT to touch the first row as those headers are needed. 
  4. Save the file as a CSV.
  5. Upload the completed CSV file. To upload the file, head to My Account > Import/Export Data > Customers > Import

*Importing Customers Note

Importing customers will duplicate customers in your existing Printavo. It will not combine customers. Take this into account when importing customers from a list that is already in your Printavo. 

Import Customer Products

Head to My Account > Custom Products to import your own products & catalogs.

Follow these steps to import your product list correctly:

  1. Export the list of your current products as a CSV or XLS format.
  2. Download this template file and fill it out with your products in Excel.
  3. Make sure NOT to touch the first row.
  4. Upload the completed CSV file.

Note: T-shirt sizes need to be in the format of "S", "M", "L", etc.

To add/delete single products from your custom product list:

  1. Head to My Account > Custom Products
  2. From here, you can add/edit/delete single products

Updating product pricing:

When uploading an updated product spreadsheet such as price updates to garments, as long as all the other info is the same and only the price is different, the products won't be duplicated and only their prices will be updated.

Does re-importing products create new ones or replace existing products?

You can re-import products to replace existing products if they have the same:

  • Brand
  • Style Number
  • Description
  • Size
  • Color

If these fields are the same in your new CSV import, they will replace the existing product record in Printavo. If the fields are different, a new product will be created. 

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