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How to enable/use product catalogs in your line items

Printavo allows you to use SanMar, S&S Activewear, and AlphaBroder catalogs when quoting. We pull pricing from their catalogs daily to keep them up-to-date.

To start, you will need to enable which product catalogs you would like to use. To do this:

  1. Head to My Account
  2. Product Catalogs
  3. Select the catalogs you'd like to use

When you are creating a quote you can use the catalogs by:

  1. Clicking the Style Number or Description field on a line item
  2. Type in a product as if you were Google searching for it. Ex: "Gildan 2000 Red"

Once you have filled out your line item with a product, size, how many of each size are needed, and a pricing matrix, Printavo will automatically calculate the product pricing (updated every day).

**Pro tip: if the product you are typing in the Description field is already a youth-size product (i.e. G500B), then just populate the regular sizing options (S/M/L, not YS/YM/YL). This will make sure you pull the correct garment pricing.**

My product pricing is wrong

When you utilize our catalogs, we will keep pricing updated everyday.  If you're creating a new quote, you enter in the product you're looking for (example: "PC61 Black") and select the product.  You'll notice that the price might be higher than you're used to purchasing it from a distributor.  This is because we don't know your sizing just yet. 

Enter in the sizes for that line item, click on the dropdown arrow on the right of the line item to add Imprints.  Once you click "Save & Insert Pricing", we will grab the accurate price of the garment. 

There are three pricing levels to select from when you create and edit a matrix. You can choose from "Per Piece", "Dozens" or "Case Pricing." To make these changes, edit the matrix, and from the dropdown select the correct pricing you would like the matrix to reflect.  

Here is a video to explain more in detail:

Youth Sizes are not showing while adding youth garment

If you go into your line item description box and type in a youth garment, you should see the youth options for that shirt populate since the shirt itself is youth, you will put in quantities in the S, M, L columns (shirts that are youth already do not need to be put in the youth size columns). 

If I am using two different imprints with different pricing for one product, which pricing will Printavo use?

Printavo will use the higher markup percentage and then just add the print costs. 

How to view the back-end stored product price


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