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Error from EasyPost while generating Merch labels

If you receive an email from Printavo regarding errors from EasyPost on Merch shipping labels, make sure all components of the label are corrected such as:

    • Zipcodes
    • mail address
    • phone number
    • contact info

"The maximum number of user access attempts was exceeded" EasyPost error

If you see this error when creating a shipping label, this means that the user credentials entered into the carrier account are incorrect (inside EasyPost). Most likely it's the password but it could also be the username.

Please log into their EasyPost account and verify that the information for the UPS carrier account is correct.

I am receiving other errors from EasyPost

If you are receiving any other errors from EasyPost contact their support team at for them to clear the error.

How can I print FedEx shipping labels?

To print labels via EasyPost and FedEx, you will need to go through a certification process with FedEx.  

Here are the steps to accomplish this:

  1. Contact your FedEx account manager (or call 877-339-2774) and request a member of the Web Integration Solutions Consultation (WISC) team get in touch with you. That person will be responsible for moving you through the certification process and should be able to provide a "WIS Label Cover Sheet" which you will need to provide with the labels you generate.
  2. To complete certification, you will need to generate, print, and scan a set of labels for FedEx. You can use EasyPost in "Test" mode to create these labels for certification.

Once the labels have been approved by FedEx, you will be able to print FedEx shipping labels.

More information

Does EasyPost add insurance to merch orders?

EasyPost does not add insurance to merch orders but there is default insurance depending on what type of USPS shipping method is used. 

How do I use EasyPost when I enter a custom printed order in Printavo?

From the invoice, you can go to More Actions > Create Shipping Labels.


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