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Creating Shipping Labels

To allow Printavo to print your shipping labels, you'll need an account with EasyPost.

  1. Please sign up for an account with EasyPost
  2. Retrieve your Live Secret API Key by clicking Show Key on the next screen and paste in My Account > Shipping Labels
  3. Click the Webhooks menu option
  4. Paste this URL into EasyPost's Webhooks text field and hit Save
  5. Click on the Carriers menu option and add your preferred postal carriers
  6. Add your billing information under Billing
  7. Save your Printavo settings

Public Invoice View:


Finding a tracking number of an order

You can use the history to find the tracking number of an order you shipped through Printavo. 

Go to the overview of the invoice and scroll down until you see "Shipping label was created." Click on View Label. 


How can I customize my shipping/delivery options?

Adding new shipping carriers

To add new shipping carriers to Printavo, you will need to add them in your EasyPost account. Here are EasyPost instructions to do this.

Adding new "Delivery Methods" to invoices

To add a custom delivery method for your customers:

  1. Head to My Account > Invoice Information and scroll to the bottom
  2. This is where you can add custom Delivery Methods that will show on the invoice

Note: For additional shipping/delivery notes, add this into an invoice's 'Customer Notes' section. This is the customer-facing area to view details.

Automatically email a customer with tracking information

Keeping your customers up-to-date is important to delivering excellent service. You can let your customers know about updates to orders, including shipping updates with the following instructions.

Keep in mind, this works well if you're shipping inside Printavo. Need to know how? Setup shipping labels in Printavo.

  1. Once a shipping label has been created, the tracking information will be available on the Public Invoice View
  2. Create a status called "Order Shipped"
  3. This status will be used when a shipment is created 
  4. You can now utilize Status Change Notifications to notify the customer via email when the status has changed to "Order Shipped"

Am I able to add custom information to a shipping label

We currently don't allow for adding custom information to shipping labels. With that said, you can though at shipping information to the Customer Notes of an invoice which would show up on a Packing Slip.

My shipping labels say "SAMPLE" on them 

An easily fixable problem!  If you're seeing "SAMPLE" on your shipping labels, this means we have the incorrect API Key from EasyPost.  You must give us your EasyPost Production API Key to save in My Account > Print Shipping Labels


Can I change a shipping label that has already been generated?

You may not change a shipping label that has already been generated. You may cancel the shipping label and generate a new label outside of Printavo with the accurate information needed.

Can I add a "handling fee" on every order at checkout?

At the moment, there is no way to add a fee for every order, however, go to your Merch store > More Actions > Settings > Delivery Methods, from there you can enable flat rate shipping and this would be your "handling fee" that will be added for each order.

I generated shipping labels in Printavo and did not receive them in my email, if I generate them again will I be charged again?

Any labels/rates that have already been purchased will not be created/charged a second time.

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