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How to use Printavo Preset Task Groups

Printavo statuses are a great way to keep track of orders as they move through your shop.

Creating custom colors and statuses trains your staff to monitor their "color range" and keep moving jobs forward.

What happens if certain items need to happen at the same time?

Pre-production is a great example of this. Using screen printing as an example, ordering shirts, counting them in, burning screens, and mixing ink all happen at the same time.

Tasks are a better tool to keep track of these items. Tasks can be assigned to individuals along with a due date. Emails are also sent to the person assigned immediately along with when they're due.

You will need to go "Preset Task List" under "My Account", where you will be able to create task groups that have certain tasks assigned to certain users. These task groups can then be automatically applied to jobs in certain statuses! You will be able to do this in My Account > Automations. 

Here is a great video example of how to utilize these task groups. 

Can my employees receive daily email reminders too?

If a task is assigned to a specific user, they will receive a reminder email in the morning on the day the task(s) is due.

For example:  if one of your employees is assigned to order goods tomorrow, and they have not already checked off the task as complete, tomorrow, they will receive an email notification reminding them to order the goods.

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