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How should I use tasks?

Tasks are good for the non-sequential actions on orders. With tasks, you will be able to add and assign very specific actions, which employees will be able to check off once it has been completed. Tasks appear on the calendar without having to be attached to an order. Moreover, you can create a preset tasks list that will be added to each order moving forward.

What if I want to see tasks on the calendar without having to click on a specific job?

With our new Calendar V2, tasks not assigned to a specific job will appear directly on the calendar. But, in order to clean things up and have the calendar not look too busy, tasks that are assigned to a job will only appear when you click on the specific job. 

One thing we would recommend is putting job-specific information in the "Nickname" field of the quote/invoice. This will appear directly on the calendar next to the quote/invoice number.

Can tasks be moved to other days in the calendar?

If you move an order around on the calendar that has tasks attached to it already, they will move with that order. However, it is not possible to move a task separate from an order it is already attached to. If you have certain tasks relevant to every order, then you can create a preset task list that will appear on each new order moving forward.

How to keep track of store closing date

To keep track of when your Printavo Merch store needs to be closed, we recommend assigning a task on the day it should close. This way, an email reminder will be sent out on the day the store should be closed.


How can I delete a task?

To delete a task go to the Tasks tabs and hover over the task you wish to delete. A garbage icon should appear, click to delete. 

Here is a picture of how it looks in Printavo:



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