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SMS Messages

We know your customers have email inboxes that are stuffed. We have created two ways for you to send text messages to your customers. 

1. Payment Requests

How can you receive payment quickly by emailing the customer?

You can now send text messages to customers allowing them to pay for invoices quickly. We also allow you to use text messaging with Status Change Notifications to increase automation in your shop. 


2. Status Change Notifications

When heading to My Account > Status Change Notifications, you can send a text message once a status has been changed. 

Great examples of this are texting the customer thank you when the job is completed or asking for a Yelp review. Another example is requesting artwork or quote approval quickly.

Is texting available in Canada, Australia, and other countries?

Yes! SMS is available wherever Twilio is available. 

How to setup SMS Messaging

Available on the Premium Plan, SMS messaging allows you to text customers to receive feedback quickly for payment requests, approvals, and other notifications. 

(Additional charges apply when sending a text message as well as purchasing a phone number. Please check with Twilio for the most up to date fees.)

Here is how to set up SMS Messaging in Printavo. 

  1. Head to My Account > Messaging
  2. Scroll down to "SMS Messaging"
  3. Sign up for an account with Twilio
  4. Head to Twilio Console
  5. Paste in your Twilio Auth Token & Account SID in the form on Messaging.
  6. Head to Phone Numbers
  7. Paste the Phone Number you choose below
  8. Head to Twilio Upgrade page to enter your credit card information

Is there a way to send both an email AND a text message to a customer from the status change notifications without using Zapier?

Currently, there is no way to do this in one step. It would have to be a two-step approach to send each one.

  1. Create a status for each notification, sending an email, and sending a text message. (My Account > Customize Invoice Statuses)
  2. Create a status change notification for each of those statuses, one for an email to send and the other for a text message. . (My Account > Status Change Notification)
  3. When you want to notify your customer, change the status you created for an email, then change it to the status you created for a text message. You would have to change the status to these two in order to send an email as well as a text message.  
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