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Requesting & Adding Payment

You can request or add a payment to quotes/invoices in Printavo.  Requesting a payment is done via our payment processors and your customers can securely pay online. 

Requesting Payment

  1. Click on the invoice you'd like to request payment on
  2. Click Payments/Expenses
  3. Click + Payment Request
  4. Enter the amount you'd like to request and hit Submit

An invoice will be automatically marked as PAID once full payment has been received

Note: If the order is changed, we do not adjust the amount requested. You will need to request a new payment. 

Note: We partner with Stripe, PayPal, and to allow you to request payments on invoices. We also work with Square so you can take in-person payments that are added to Printavo invoices. (Remember:  Include invoice number in the Notes section to maintain accurate bookkeeping). To set up Payment Processors, head to My Account Accept Payments. We recommend using Stripe as a reliable payment processor.

Adding a Manual Payment

  1. Click on the invoice you'd like to add a manual payment to
  2. Click Payments/Expenses
  3. Click + Payment
  4. Enter the amount you'd like to request and hit Submit

Is there a minimum payment request amount?

There is a $2 minimum payment request amount on all invoices.

How to set payment reminders

You can easily add reminders depending on how many days later you want to remind the customer. Reminders will stop sending once the payment request has been paid for. Here is a great video explaining how you implement reminders:

Can I remove payment requests and payment reminders?

You can send a payment request for $0 to reset the system from payment requests. This will automatically remove the payment reminders. 

Will payment reminders still be sent once the invoice is paid?

Once a payment request has been completed, subsequent payment reminders will not be sent to the customer. 

Can my customer pay for multiple invoices with one online payment?

At this time, your customer can only pay one invoice at a time online through Printavo.

If the customer pays outside Printavo, there is a way for you to apply the payment on multiple invoices:

  1. Head to the customer you would like to apply the payment to and click on 'New Payment'
  2. Add a transaction date and category to each payment
  3. Click Submit

My customers can't see the pay button, what's wrong?

To request payment, you'll need to:

  1. Head to an invoice you'd like to request payment on
  2. Click Payments > Request Payment and enter in an amount
  3. Only then will the "Pay Amount" button be visible to receive payment from the customer

How can I add multiple email addresses to payment requests?

To add multiple email addresses to a payment request, you may CC someone by clicking on the CC button on the payment request or you may add multiple email addresses separated by a comma. It should look like this:



How can I add multiple phone numbers to a payment request?

To add multiple phone numbers to a payment request, enter the phone numbers into the "to" field separating them with a comma. It should look like this:
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