Collecting Payment Manually

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How to manually add a payment?

To manually add a payment to your Printavo account:

  1. Click on the invoice you'd like to add a manual payment to
  2. Click Payments/Expenses
  3. Click + Payment
  4. Enter in the amount you'd like to request and hit Submit


How to collect in-person payments

There are two ways in which you can collect in-person payments. 

The first way you can collect is to Manually Type in the Card
1. Open the associated order
2. Add a payment request (shown here: Requesting & Adding Payment)
3. Click "More Actions" > "Public Invoice View"
4. Click the green button in the top left-hand corner
5. Manually enter the card info

The second way you can collect is to Sign up with Square
This allows you to swipe a card in store 

1. Sign up with Square
2. Head to
3. Click this button:

3. The rest of the steps are shown on this video:

How to manually add a credit card payment to an invoice if not using Square

Here is what to do if you have a customer that wants to pay in-store with a credit card but you do not have a Square POS card reader. 

1. Go to the invoice and select the Payments/Expenses tab on the top of the invoice.

2. Put in the amount you want to charge the customer, and click the None option for messaging the customer and hit submit. This will put the payment request directly on the public invoice view. 

3. Go to More Actions on the invoice and select Public Invoice View


4. Select the green Pay Amount button on the top of that screen and input your customer's credit card information for them. This will then apply payment directly to the invoice. 



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