Line Item Groups - What You Need to Know

Updated 6.28.21 with added section: [NEW] - Adjusting individual markup

Printavo is excited to announce the upcoming release of our brand new feature: Line Item Groups. The goal of this article is to help you grasp the basics of this new feature. If you have any questions about the utilization of line item groups or best practices, please feel free to reach out to your dedicated Success Manager, or email us at Any feedback from beta testers can be posted on this form.

In this article, we will cover:

What is a line item group?

Traditionally, in Printavo, all line items on an order were grouped together. So regardless of how many types of work you were doing, everything was in a single clump. This made a few things difficult, namely pricing for quantity breaks, and providing clear communication of the order to your customer. 

Line item groups fix all of these issues. By creating groups of line items, you are able to create price breaks around imprints and types of work, rather than having to price out a full order and make edits afterward. You'll also be able to more clearly display details of the job to both your customer and your production team.

Lastly, line item groups more prominently feature Printavo's enhanced "Imprint" function, which is the foundation for our future-planned Power Scheduler. Now that we have our foundation built, we can work on the rest of the house, so to speak.

How does a line item group help me?

Great! So Printavo made line item groups! What does this do for me?

That's a fair and valid question. Let's dive in.

Let's look at the following example of "old" line items:

Previously, all line items in Printavo could only be in one grouping.

In the screenshot below, we have 3 different products with two types of work in a variety of sizes. To set these up, we had to:

  1. Add a pricing matrix to each individual line item.
  2. Duplicate line items and reverse engineer pricing to accommodate plus sizes.
  3. Ensure we weren't including sizes for work types that didn't get specific sizes (i.e., the embroidery work only went up to 2XL whereas the screen printing work goes up to 4XL).
  4. Add print/stitch information that isn't visible anywhere on this view.
  5. Edit details on individual line items if changes needed to be made.
  6. Add mockups to individual line items. (We even took a shortcut in this screenshot and only applied one mockup per work type.)


Additionally, this is not visually appealing to you or to your customer and could potentially cause confusion. Confusion can cause mistakes and mistakes cost money.


Now let's look at that same order using line item groups:

The screenshot below has the exact same information as the order above. However, in this case, we:

  1. Added one pricing matrix to the imprint, which encompasses the entire line item group, including plus sizes.
  2. Are able to separate sizes per line item group.
  3. Are able to view imprint details on the "Edit" page.
  4. Can edit the details of the entire line item group instead of having to edit each individual line item.
  5. Added mockups/tech packs to the entire group to help clean this up. Note: You still may add mockups to individual line items to help clarify products if you so choose.



Much cleaner, right?

How do I use a line item group?

If you were able to navigate Printavo's original line items, you'll have no problem working with the new line item groups. A lot of the mechanics are the same, just simplified! Let's take a look.

Adding product information

Adding product information is done exactly as it was before. While you can use the item field, we always suggest using the description field to search for your product as it allows you to be, well, more descriptive with what you're searching for. As always, be sure to actually click on and select the product you're looking to add if you're using a product from one of our integrated catalogs or if you're using a custom product. Manually added, per-project pieces may just be typed in.


Adding sizes and quantities (6M-6XL)

Just like before, you are able to add size quantities and columns from 6M-6XL. Users of the Standard tier of Printavo and above are able to add size columns on a per-job basis by clicking the circle with the 3 dots and selecting/deselecting sizes you want/don't want. (Remember, you can set the default sizes that appear on each job under My Account > Customize Your Line Items. This is also how Lite Plan users will alter the line items that appear on the job.)

The difference with line item groups is you can now have different sizes assigned per line item group!


Additionally, to accommodate for plus sizing, you'll simply add one line item per plus size either by duplicating a completed line item or filling out the line item after the fact.


Note: Plus size line items are kept separate for both internal and external transparency on pricing. This process is also how the correct calculations are able to execute.

Adding imprint information, pricing matrices, and mockups/tech packs

Once your products and sizes are in the group, you'll want to apply information on the imprint, quantity-based pricing for the group, and group-wide mockups or tech packs.

To do this, you'll simply click on the "Imprint" button to bring up the group's imprint modal. (This will look familiar to Printavo users!)

Note: The quantity break of your pricing matrix will calculate based on the entire quantity of the line item group, regardless of how many different products, product types, and sizes exist within the group.



Referencing the screenshot below, you can now:

A. Add your pricing matrix for the group (if you're using one).

B. Add imprint details.

C. Add as many mockups/tech packs as you'd like.

D. See the imprint information update live on the job's "Edit" page.

E. Have a highlighted call out to show that pricing may need to be refreshed (which we'll cover in the next section).


When you're done, simply click "Done" or click outside of the box. Use the imprint's "Edit" button to come back in and make any necessary changes at any point.

Note: This step can be done prior to adding your products and sizing if you prefer.

Updating pricing

One important thing to note with line item groups is that pricing matrices will neither apply nor refresh until you click the "Refresh Pricing" button.

As always, you are free to manually edit the pricing after the fact for more visually appealing numbers if you so choose.


Additionally, the pricing matrix on the imprint will only apply to its associated group! Plus size line items are now automatically calculated with the correct quantity breaks of the line item group.

Note: Plus size line items are kept separate for both internal and external transparency on pricing. This process is also how the correct calculations are able to execute.

[NEW] - Adjusting individual markup

To accommodate situations where an individual line item may receive a different markup than the rest of the items in a group (e.g., a high-end sweatshirt vs. a low-end tee), Printavo allows you to edit the markup on an individual line item.

Now, when you apply a pricing matrix to a product via the imprint module, users will be presented with a "Markup %" column. This column will display the markup pulled from the applied matrix.


To edit the markup on a single line item, simply click into the markup box you'd like to change, make your adjustments, and click "Refresh Pricing" to apply your changes.


Adding a new line item group

To add a new line item group, simply click on the "+ Line Item Group" button. Repeat any of the steps above to accommodate the product(s) and/or work type of your new group. Create as many groups as you'd like!


Rearranging line items and groups

If you need to move a line item from one group to another, simply click and drag the line item from your source group to your destination group. Be sure to refresh your pricing in both your source and destination group to ensure you're displaying accurate information.

Note: If your destination group does not have the appropriate size column header for your source product, it will automatically be added as you can see in the gif below. The column header will not automatically remove, however, if you are subtracting all quantities of that column, and must be removed via the add/remove method mentioned above (i.e., the circle with the 3 dots).

If you'd like to change the order of your line item groups, simply click and drag the top row of column headers to its new destination.


As always, click the green "Save" button when you're finished building this draft of your quote.

Line item groups and Printavo Merch

In Printavo's current state, because each line item has imprint information associated with it, each line item translates to one product in a Printavo Merch store. Price-per-size and additional color variants must either be added as separate line items/products or edited in the Printavo Merch store after its created.

With line item groups, you can now add multiple products, sizes, and cut down on post-store-build editing.

To summarize:

Currently: One line item = one Merch store product

With line item groups: One line item group = one Merch store product

Line item groups and Printavo's API

The Printavo APIv1 remains backwards compatible as if there are no line item groups except that an Imprint/Print Location can not be updated via the APIv1.

Creating a line item via the APIv1 will create a line item group by default.

Updating a line item will update the line item's attributes only within its respective line item group.

What to expect when your account is migrated

As we mentioned earlier, in Printavo's current state, every single line item has imprint information associated with it (i.e., imprint details, pricing matrix applications, mockups). Because of this, when the migration happens, all line items on existing orders will become their own line item group.

However, once this happens, all of the previously discussed tactics to manage your line item groups will now be applicable to existing and future jobs (e.g., easy rearranging, price updating, etc.). 

I have questions/feedback - what do I do?

Stuck? Have a question? Reach out to your dedicated Success Manager with questions. Not sure who that is? No problem! Just email us at and we'll make sure you're introduced and your questions are answered.

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