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Can you enter in multiple sales tax rates for one invoice?

When creating an invoice, you can store one sales tax rate for that invoice.

We do have customers (example: Canada) who would like to store two sales tax rates. These customers will do one of two things to keep track of taxes:

  • Export to QuickBooks Online. Our Canadian customers who utilize Printavo will allow invoices to be automatically exported to QuickBooks Online and separate the taxes in QuickBooks. 
  • Export your Printavo invoices. If you export orders you can take the singular tax rate and manually break it out.  Example: If an invoice has 13%, you can calculate the 8% and 5% in Excel using the exported data. 

Can Printavo generate sales tax based on location?

Printavo can generate sales tax from a customer's billing address zip code. (Premium Tier only)

To do this:

  1. Head to My Account
  2. Click on Invoice Information
  3. Check the box called Auto-generate customer sales tax
  4. Hit Save at the bottom


How do I see all of my non-taxable sales?

To see all of your nontaxable sales, you can export a CSV of all of your invoices. To do this:
  1. Head to My Account
  2. Click on Import/Export Data
  3. Download Quotes/Invoices



Are tax rates updated automatically by county each year?

Tax rates are not updated automatically. You may change them in My Account > Invoice Information > Sales Tax


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