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What payment processors do you support?

Printavo currently supports Stripe, PayPal, and for online payments. These options provide secure portals to accept payments from your customers on invoices.  

You can enable these processors in My Account > Accept Payments.

Which payment processor do you recommend using with Printavo?

We recommend using Stripe as a reliable payment processor. Reach out to their sales team for a better processing rate.

Does Printavo integrate with Heartland?

Heartland Payments can be integrated using as your payment processor.

Can you accept ACH in Printavo?

We currently don't support ACH but it is on our roadmap.

How many payment processors can I use?

You can add more than one payment processor to your Printavo account but you may only use one at a time. Whichever payment processor is set to active is the one that will be used. You may switch at any time you need to. 

Is it mandatory for me to use one of the payment processors in Printavo?

No, you have the option to use any credit card processor you would like. Using our API, you would be able to accept those payments through Printavo just like the ones we currently support.

What are the credit card processing fees?

Printavo works with three payment processors to allow you to collect payments -, PayPal, and Stripe

The fees that they charge are the fees you would pay. We do not charge any additional fee on top. 

How do I use Square with Printavo?

Printavo works seamlessly with Square.  When payments are collected via Square, they are automatically added to an invoice you specify in Printavo.

Head to My Account > Accept Payments to connect your Square account.  

Then, accept payments via Square by adding the invoice number in the Note section of Square. (ex: "#123).

Payments will then be automatically added to your Printavo account, that’s it! 

How do I connect Stripe?

You can use Stripe to accept payments in Printavo invoices. To do this:

  1. Create a Stripe account by reaching out to their sales team here.
  2. Head to My Account > Accept Payments
  3. Click on the Stripe tab
  4. Click the blue button to "Connect to Stripe":


From there, if you have an existing Stripe account, be sure to click on the link in the upper right corner to sign in:



Once you sign in, be sure to select Stripe as your payment processor and update it with the green button. Then you will be all set to accept payments through Stripe!

Can multiple invoices be paid through one square transaction?

At this moment you only pay one invoice per transaction. 

I am not seeing my payments on my bank account?

If you are not seeing the payments go into your bank account that is associated with the payment processor you are using, reach out to the payment processor to see if there is any hold on your account. Here are a few resources to help:





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