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How are quotes emailed in Printavo?

You can message/email your customers right from Printavo!

View any quote/invoice and click on Messages. From here you can send the customer an email for them to read. The customer will view your message along with a link to the quote/invoice. 

Responses will go right back to you and a copy of the message will be under Messages

What item numbers are already imported when we create a quote?

We partner with AlphaBroder, S&S Activewear, and SanMar to have their products and pricing, which we pull weekly, already imported into Printavo. You can also import as many custom products as you choose. 

How to hide quotes in Printavo?

As the number of quotes you generate increases, it may get a bit messy viewing a calendar with all that information. You can easily fix this by creating a status called "Archived" or "Lost Quotes".

Make the status color gray, and filter it out of the calendar. You can also track dollars lost to quotes that didn't convert in Analytics as well.


How to have more space when printing invoices?

Is your Quote/Invoice print view skewed when you are trying to Print? No problem! 

When you have a lot of text in the description field or have a lot of size columns etc, the print view of your invoice can look a little skewed, this is because you will need more space to accommodate everything!

We recommended using the landscape view instead of the portrait. This way you will have a more spaced-out and organized-looking invoice view. 

Can I merge two separate quotes/invoices?

At this time this is not possible to merge two separate quotes/invoices within Printavo. Because merging information from two separate quotes or invoices could become messy, we recommend taking the time to do this manually.

Can I get a Quote/Invoice that has been edited to its original?

Once a Quote/Invoice has been edited there is no way to get it back to its original state. You would need to create a new invoice.

While editing an Invoice, what is the difference between the Save and Continue button and the Save button?

The Save & Continue will allow you to save and still be able to edit it after saving.

The Save will save it and then bring you back to the overview. 

How can I speed up a templated text?

You may find yourself writing similar production notes, imprint technical print details, terms & conditions. Mac and PC's have the ability to save you time by creating quick, templated content.

For example: "imp-detail" can be replaced with: 

SIZING: _ in

Creating templated content for Mac/iOS

For basic text expansion capabilities on the Mac, head to:

  • Mac: System Preferences > Keyboard > Text
  • iOS: Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement

For both, you can enter a phrase and a shortcut that expands into that phrase when typed and followed by a space or punctuation character. (Tip: If text expansion doesn’t work in a Mac app like Mail or Safari, make sure Edit > Substitutions > Text Replacement is selected.)


Creating templated content for PC

When using a Windows computer, you'll need to use a 3rd party software provider such as TextExpander ( Once installed, you can create similar templated text.

How to duplicate a quote/invoice?

If you need to create a copy of an invoice you created, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the invoice you would like to copy (ex.
  2. Click More Actions at the top right
  3. Click on Duplicate Invoice

How to delete quote/invoice?

To delete a quote/invoice, select the one you would like to get rid of, click 'More Actions' dropdown, at the top right, then select 'Delete'

NOTE:  This action can not be undone. 

If you are finding you do not have this option, it could be due to the user permissions set on your account. If you feel you should have this option available to you, please contact your Printavo account admin.

How can a customer decline a quote?

Approval requests can be declined by customers and allow them to include more information.
To do this:
    1. Customers will receive their public profile link. 
    2. On the top left-hand corner of the page, your customer will now see an "Approval" and a "Decline" button. 
    3. Customers can click "Decline," and they will enter their name & the requested changes.
    4. This decline will be sent back to the requester and invoice owner.

Can I change my invoice printing layout?

You can change your invoice printing layout in the Invoice Information section in My Account.

Is there an option to 'select all' and print past-due invoices?

Right now, there is no way to select all and print past due invoices. You would have to print them individually.

How do I clear invoices with a zero balance from the invoice list?

The outstanding invoices you see with nothing due are still being recorded as overdue because there was no form of payment taken on them. In order to remove these:
1.) Go to the invoice
2.) Click Payment/Expenses
3.) Add $0 payment (Manually)

Once the invoice(s) has been marked as paid, it will be removed from past due status.

Where is the invoiced date shown when I change a quote to an invoice?

Most shops have a status, 'Invoice' or 'Invoiced', they use to identify and timestamp an order that has converted. This status change, and all other events that take place on the order, are recorded in the 'History' section of the invoice, located at the bottom of the web page.

Can I revert back to the old version of the invoice?

We updated the invoice to provide a more seamless and efficient flow when creating and managing orders. Furthermore, the updated invoice provides more flexibility for shipping and an added layer of accuracy during data entry.

Please use the comment section below or email: to share more details on your position!

How to print an invoice without a Production Due Date?

When printing from an invoice, the Production Due Date will appear on the printout. Now, if you're viewing an invoice and click More Actions > Public Invoice View, we will hide the Production Due Date from the invoice when printed. 

What are the different dates on a quote/invoice?

Each order has a few different dates on it to help you keep track of production and payments. Here are a list of those dates and how they should be used:

Production Due Date

This date is when the order will be produced, it should be before the Customer Due Date.

Customer Due Date

This date is otherwise known as your In Hands Date. It's when your customer needs the order by.

Invoice Date

When the order is invoiced to the customer will be denoted by this date. In other words, you are telling the customer payment is expected.

Payment Due Date

This date represents when payment on the invoice is due. Any date after this is overdue.

How to hide the location information on the invoice?

 To hide the location information on the invoice go to My Account > Invoice Information and make sure the box is unchecked for “make print location information visible to the customer”.

Once that setting is unchecked the locations will not populate.

How can I send a PDF version of an invoice?

To send a PDF version of an invoice, go to More Actions > Public Invoice View then you will be able to access the PDF version of the invoice.

Here are a few screenshots of how this looks in Printavo.


If I chose a product from a catalog on a line item, then the catalog price changes, will the new price populate? 

If you chose a product from a catalog on a like item and the catalog price changes, the new price will populate as soon as you hit the "refresh pricing" button.

Negative Values on Invoices

Negative values in invoices are not supported in Printavo e.g. crediting a customer by creating a negative fee. This will cause issues with collecting payment and syncing the invoice with Quickbooks and is not recommended.

Instead of using negative values to credit a customer, we recommend using the discount feature where you can provide either a percentage-based or numerical discount.


If you are receiving the This field only accepts integers between 0 and X error then you have a negative value on your invoice that will need to be removed.


Which email address shows up on the invoice?

The user creating an invoice, by default, is the "Owner" of that invoice. This means their email address will be shown on the invoice.  

If the "Owner" is changed for the invoice, the email address will change to the new owner as well. 

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