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How can I start my Printavo subscription?

Starting your Printavo subscription is fast and simple!

After your free trial, you can choose from any of our three subscription plans by going to My Account > Update Billing/Subscription Information


Once here, enter your credit card information and confirm. After this, you can use your Printavo subscription right away!

How can I cancel my Printavo subscription?

To cancel your Printavo subscription email us from your admin account with a cancelation request to

How long is my data accessible after cancellation?

For 5 days, after that, you will need to restart your plan to access your data. However, we will never delete your data.

Can I pause my subscription?

We are unable to pause subscriptions however if you cancel, you can always come back and none of your information will be lost, you can pick up where you left off. 

How do I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

You can always change your Printavo subscription at My Account > Update Billing/Subscription Information

Your billing will be automatically pro-rated. Changes occur immediately; you can use your new plan features going forward. 

How can I view receipts for our Printavo subscription?

Head to My Account > Receipts to view all receipts for your subscription.  These receipts can be printed for record-keeping. 

How do I update my password?

To update your password:

  1. Head to 'My Account > Personal Information.
  2. Enter a new password in the 'Change Password' field
  3. Re-enter the password in 'Password Confirmation' field
  4. Update! (Use old password to confirm and successfully update changes)

How can I change my password without knowing the current one?

You can log out and head here -

You'll be able to reset the password with your email address from this page. 

Can you have more than one company on a Printavo account?

At this time no. We feel accounting would be difficult with multiple companies in one account.

But we do offer a discount if you open up a second Printavo account so please reach out to us for more info on that!

Are there online groups/social media communities where I can network with other shops?

Of course! We have compiled a list of groups to join where you can network, talk shop, and get to know others in the printing world.

View the full list

How much storage do I get?

We only limit per file you upload. Currently, the limit for each file is 50mb as part of your storage. 

How secure is my data in Printavo?

The security and privacy of your data are very important to us, and we have taken significant measures to protect it, through both technical and procedural processes. Printavo is hosted on secure Amazon Web Services in the United States (Virginia), with SSL 256-bit encryption. All data is encrypted within our system. Additionally, all data transmitted to OrangeQC is done securely through industry-standard protocols (SSL/HTTPS).

Tips & Tricks for additional safety:

- Avoid sharing any log-in information. 

- Make sure you log out of the device you have your account logged in/ or that the device has password protection.

- Make sure your password has at least 13 characters and does not include any of your personal information. 

- When Users leave your company, make sure their User credentials are deleted from your account. to do so go to My Account > Users > Delete. 





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