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I'm looking to purchase tablets, which is best?

We see a lot of shops enabling their employees to pull Printavo information quicker with the use of tablets. Counting shirts, pulling up mockups, and enter in sales information are great ways to utilize tablets. 

We recommend sticking with an operating system you're familiar with and not purchase tablets under a 9" screen size. We test heavily on the latest Apple devices and see Safari has very fast rendering speeds when using Printavo for the best performance as well.  

Does Printavo work with a Samsung tablet?

We don't have an Android app currently but you can quickly pull up from your Samsung tablet and the website will scale down to fit nicely. 

Although there’s no dedicated Android app yet, you can always visit Printavo in the browser on Android tablets.

Will Printavo mobile app work with Amazon Fire tablets?

Currently, Printavo mobile app will only work on iPhone. We will be working on an Android version in the future. 

Fortunately, you can use on any device that has an internet connection though. Printavo will scale down to fit your device size and allow you to continue working. 

What attachment can I use to mount an iPad to my press?

We recommend taking a look at the Arkon TAB086-12 clamp on Amazon or ChargerCity Heavy Duty 4-Way Arm. It's a great way to securely mount a tablet to your press.

Recommended barcode scanners

There are two ways you can scan barcodes with Printavo:

  • Any smartphone/tablet with a camera - Click on the QR Code icon  at the top to scan barcodes quickly
  • Teemi QR Scanner - This works great when scanning barcodes quickly. You will need to open your browser and click "Command/Apple + L" to focus your cursor in the URL bar.

Is the calendar view accessible on Android devices?

It depends on the size of your device. It should show up on a tablet, but if it is smaller, it will not display due to the size. 

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