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How much does Printavo cost?

Printavo is a monthly subscription service that you can subscribe/upgrade/downgrade anytime.  You can view the pricing for our different plans here:

We offer a free, 15-day trial to use Printavo, including a 1-on-1 demo with our team.

Does Printavo take any transactional fees?

Printavo does not charge a transactional fee. 

Which pricing plan is in the trial?

You will be using the Premium plan while on the trial. You will have access to all features and benefits except usage of QuickBooks Online Export. Exporting to QuickBooks Online is only available once you begin a subscription.

If you have any questions about your Trial or would like an extension or reactivation please email!

Upgrading to Standard? Here is what's new

Pricing Matrices - Now, pricing is even easier. Save your team a ton of time by adding custom pricing -- no more confused sales reps and messy spreadsheets. Add consistency and peace of mind with up to three pricing matrices.

Unlimited Users - Put your whole team on the same page. With the Standard plan, you have unlimited users. Your team can log in to Printavo from anywhere in the world. You can even set specific permissions so that you can keep track of who did what, and when. 

iOS App - Keeping a birds-eye view on your business just got even easier with our App for iPhones. 

Messaging Templates - Powerful customizable message templates let you save time, deliver consistent customer service, and streamline internal communication.

Custom Invoice Statuses - Customize your company’s workflow in Printavo using unlimited invoice statuses. 

QuickBooks Online Export - Take your book-keeping to the next level by exporting information to Quickbooks Online. Double entries are a thing of the past with our bi-hourly QuickBooks Online Export!

Securely Collect Payment - Collect payment directly through Printavo using Stripe,, and PayPal. It's fast, simple, and profitable.

Shipping Labels - Tired of logging in to your carrier’s website every time you need to ship? Print shipping labels directly from orders in Printavo and move on to the next quickly and efficiently. No logos will be shown on the shipping label. 

Packing Slips - Help your shipping team quickly send out orders with Packing Slips. Customize using your logo & get the order out the door. Simple. Easy. Fast.

Upgrading to Premium? Here is what's new

Pricing Matrices - Now, pricing is even easier. Save your team a ton of time by adding custom pricing -- no need to rely on messy Excel sheets or your sales reps using their own price. Create unlimited pricing matrices, adding peace of mind and consistency.

Advanced Automation - Gets your hands off of Printavo and back into production. Automate repetitive tasks like requesting payment and moving orders through your workflow to save time. Multiple automated approvals? No problem. 

Domain Customization - Look super slick by adding your company name to your URL.

Text Messaging - Send payment requests, notifications, and updates to your customers via SMS. Communicate directly to the customer and skip the spam folder. 

Production File Upload - Internal file storage of any file type you'd like so easy access for all staff members across departments. Files and art live with the job so they're easy to find when you use the one-click order duplication. Customers can't see these -- they don't even know they exist -- so they can't access them and send your art department's hard work to a competitor.

Purchase Orders - Organize your orders by creating POs to send to your distributors directly from your invoice. Printavo will let you know when your goods have arrived when you add in your tracking numbers. Your purchasing department will thank you!

Tags - A new way to keep track of orders. Simplify your calendar by using different tags to keep track of different types of printing, press assignments, warehouses, print locations, people, tax types, rush orders, and more! This feature is customizable to your shop - filter the jobs you want to see, and leave out the ones that you don’t. 

Barcoding - Effortlessly pull up jobs from a printed-out work order or box label. Save time & stay organized by scanning in jobs using your phone, tablet, or QR reader. 

Contractor Profiles - Create a contractor profile to sub out the logo to use different company information on your invoice, work order, box label & more. It’s really simple. Less time cutting logos, more time to spend on the shop floor.

Open API & Zapier Access - Build a Zap or use our open API to connect and automate the apps you use to get stuff done, so you can spend less time on the computer, and more time on human work.

Ready to upgrade?

You can always change your Printavo subscription at My Account > Update Billing/Subscription Information. Your billing will be automatically pro-rated. 

How can I update my billing information on my current subscription?

To update your billing information:

  1. Navigate to My Account > Update Subscription/Billing Information
  2. From here, select the plan you are on and enter in the new billing information, and hit submit. It will update your card on file and use that card on your next billing date. 


How do I change my billing date?

To change the billing date of your subscription:

  1. Head to My Account > Update Billing Information
  2. Click Update Billing/Subscription at the top
  3. Update your subscription plan on the day you would like to start the billing date

For example:  if you are currently being billed on the 1st of each month but would like to start billing on the 15th of each month, then on the 15th re-enter in your payment information using the aforementioned steps. 

Your subscription will be pro-rated and billed on that date going forward. 



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