Using line items

  • Select your desired line item columns. You can set the default columns you would like to appear on your quotes under “My Account” > “Customize Line Items”. Premium and Standard tier subscribers can also edit the visible columns via the column header to the right of the “Total” column (pictured as a circle with three horizontal dots above).
  • Categorize your line items. Use the “Category” dropdown on every line item to easily run a “Sales by Line Item Category” report later and remain transparent with your customers. You can add new categories by clicking the blue “New Category” text under the line item, or by heading to “My Account” > “Categories”.
  • Search for products by typing the name of the product in the “Description” box. You may use the “Item #” field for this as well, though most shops use the “Description” search field for more options. Note: Type the full word of your search terms, e.g., “Gildan 5000 blue” vs. “Gil 5000” or “Gildan bl”.
  • Size columns range from 6M through 6XL. To accommodate for plus-sizing, you'll simply add one line item per plus-size either by duplicating a completed line item or filling out the line item after the fact (see image below).
  • “Items” will automatically add your sizes and other quantities entered.
  • "Markup %" (not shown in this video, but fully demonstrated in the next article) allows users to edit the markup percentage of an individual line item within a line item group. This column will only appear if a pricing matrix is applied to a line item group via the "Imprints" modal. 
  • “Price” is your per-unit pricing. This number will autofill if you utilize a Pricing Matrix (built under “My Account” > “Pricing Matrices”). You may edit prices after the calculation, or manually enter pricing from the start. To learn more about Printavo pricing matrices, check out our blog post on how to create a pricing matrix, as well as our self-service guide on uploading/editing matrices in Printavo.
  • To apply sales taxes, check the box in the “Taxed” column. Leave the box unchecked for tax-exempt customers. You can automatically generate sales taxes based on the customer’s billing ZIP code under “My Account” > “Invoice Information”. Note: Manually setting sales tax in the “Sales Tax” field on an invoice will override all other taxes.

What is a Line Item Group (LIG)?

Line Item Groups (LIG) in Printavo allow you to bundle and organize your line items by the method of your choice, be it by imprint, decoration type, garment type, or custom grouping.

How do I use a Line Item Group (LIG)?

To add a new line item group, simply click the "+ Line Item Group" button.


To move a line item from one group to another, simply click and drag and drop the line item from its origin to its destination. Note: If the origin line item contains size quantities not set in the destination, those sizes will automatically be added. They will not, however, be taken away if the line item moves back to its original group.



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