How can we setup a contact form that feeds into Printavo?

It's easy to setup a contact/inquiry form on your website that sends information to your Printavo account. Here are two ways of doing this:

  • Printavo has a pre-built contact form in My Account that you can use to put on your website to feed into Inquiries in Printavo. You will paste the code on your website and the contact form will appear.  Below is how this will look on your website.
  • If you'd like to add a custom contact form on your website (image uploads, different fields, etc) this is doable as well. Printavo partnered with Zapier to easily allow for connecting your contact forms to Printavo. First, pick a contact form engine here. Second, create a Zap with Printavo to accept the information. Done!
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  • How do I turn inquiries into quotes?
    I can't find a status change button!

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  • Hi Samuel,

    We sent you an email to answer your question.

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