Can a shop other than a screen-printer use Printavo?

Printavo works very well for many shops who handle multiple departments such as screen printing, direct-to-garment and embroidery.

We suggest shop utilize a combination of statuses, tasks, order nickname and order production notes information.

Statuses can be utilized like this:

  • Quote
  • Need Artwork Finalized
  • EMB: Need Stitch Count
  • EMB: Ready For Stitching
  • SP: Prep Screens/Ink
  • SP: Ready to Print
  • Completed
  • Shipped

Tasks can be utilized in the same fashion to let the team know to order goods, mix ink, count garments, etc.

Some shops use the Nickname field on an order to let the team know this job has multiple decorations, ex: "#123 - SP + EMB" for screen printing and embroidery on this job.

Don't forget to always add as much information into the Production Notes and Imprints fields of an order. More information the better here for your team. 

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