Creating customer orders: Quotes & Invoices

You create a customer order by using the '+ Quote' or '+ Invoice' located at the top of the webpage.


Customer Information

Here, you can select an existing customer or create a new customer to build an order for.


You can add both customer billing and shipping information and add additional addresses if necessary!

Job Owner & Specifying Due Dates

On the right hand side, next to customer information, you can select the 'Owner' of the job, the PO number it will be attached to, the date it was created as well as production and customer due dates. Note:  Production due date is the date that appears on your calendar.


Order Information

Once you've entered in all of your customer information, you can begin to add in the invoice 'Nickname', customer facing notes, internal notes and production files.


Creating Line Items

When creating line items, you'll want to search your product as if you were doing a Google search. For example:  If you are looking for item number pc54 in black, you'll want to key in pc54.


As you can see, initially, black does not populate. However, if you continue to type out the color you are looking for, it will render a search result for you.


Now that we have our desired garment and color, we can enter sizing, quantities, mock-ups and imprints!

Sizing, Pricing & Artwork



Note:  Pricing is calculated using the following formula:  Garment * Garment % mark-up + Print cost


Fees can be added to customer orders. Fees differ from shop to shop. Most shops use this field for shipping, credit card processing, etc.



Once you've created the order, added your line items and fees, at the very bottom, you will see the order total quantity and costs, less applicable discounts.



Saves the order and redirects you to the order overview.

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